• Logging In

    The Login Page You have to log in in order to edit or manage your site. There should be a "Login" link on the main page of your blog. Clicking that will take you to the login page where you can enter your username and password. Your username… more »
  • Post List Panel

    Post list. In this section, you can configure the way your posts are listed on your blog. The Order by option allows you to order your posts as follows: by the date your post was issued or published (this is the default setting), more »
  • Return-Path Processing Overview

    Here is a quick overview of how email processing works. more »
  • How to View & Edit your User Profile

    You can access your personal settings through two locations in the back office. more »
  • Receiving Notifications Panel

    In the Notifications Tab tab, you can choose which automatic email notifications you want to receive. more »
  • Introduction to Fighting Spam (AntiSpam)

    Comment spam is a plague on all blogs, forums and generally all websites that allow user generated content. Why is that? Spammers are actually professionals hired to do just that! What they try to achieve is to place a link to their own website (or th… more »
  • Set system lock during backup

    There are three different lock options during maintenance backup. Below you can find the pros and cons for each: 1. Maintenance mode - this is the most recommended option Description: The site is not usable during this mode, a 503 - Service Unavail… more »
  • User Permissions Panel

    This panel lets you assign a user to User Groups and assign them a user level. You can also change the user’s account status in this panel. more »
  • Menu Link or Button Widget

    Description: Display a configurable menu entry/linkParameter: Link Type - specify which section of your blog you want this widget to link to such as your blog home (default setting), archive directory, category directory and others.Parameter: Link text… more »
  • Public Collections List Widget

    Description: Display list of all blogs marked as publicParameter: Title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog (default entry: All Blogs)Parameter: Order by - this will specify the sorting setting of your items, either by… more »
  • Collection Title widget

    This widget will display the name of the current collection. Settings [image:8879] Check on Add tagline checkbox to display the collection tagline after the title. more »
  • Search Form widget

    This widget displays a search form for a collection. Settings [image:8825] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog (default entry: Search) Button name : specify the text that you want to appear on the button for… more »
  • Registration Permissions Panel

    This panel is where you define if users can register an account for themselves, and if so, what their default permissions will be – in other words: what User Group they will belong to. more »
  • Profile Picture Settings

    This is where you define whether or not to use Gravatars throughout b2evolution. It will apply both to the front and back-office. more »
  • Front Page

    By default, collections like blogs display a list of most recent posts on their front page. But for other types of uses, it may make sense to display something else, especially a custom front page. You can set what to display on the front page on this… more »
  • Locales Tab

    Using the Locales tab, you can set your default locale for your blog posts. You can also enable several locales from a list of locales and create your own locale too, if you wish to. Regional Settings In the Regional Settings section, you can choose t… more »
  • Accessible File Roots

    This panel is where you can configure what File Roots will be accessible to allowed Users. more »
  • Simple Post List Widget

    Description: Simplified Item list for listing posts in the current collection Parameter: Block Title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog(default entry: Contents)Parameter: Group by - this will specify the grouping setti… more »
  • Local Blacklist

    This list is used by b2evolution to support the Antispam Blacklist feature. Basically, any URL containing one of the keywords on this list will be banned from posts, comments and logs. more »
  • Goal Settings

    In this view you may manage the goals defined for the entire site. more »
  • Comment viewing options

    In this section you may define who is able to view the comments and how they will be shown. Any user: Allow any user to view all comments on… more »
  • Skin and style

    This section lets you to control some code-level features such as adding custom CSS and/or custom JavaScript to your skins without needing to touch/modify any core b2evolution files. (Which will keep upgrades easy for you down the line). more »
  • General settings

    The parameters below will let your b2evolution site to connect with your email account in order to look for potential emails to be published. Enable Post by email: make this feature available. No matter if the Create posts by email scheduled job is… more »
  • How to install a language pack

    Download the language pack(s) you need from http://locales.b2evolution.net . Unzip the downloaded language pack(s) it into the /locales folder that you will find in your b2evolution file structure. If possible unzip your language-packs into the right… more »
  • Managing Item Statuses

    Item statuses can be assigned to individual posts when the Workflow feature is enabled in the Workflow Features Panel. This screen allows to edit the possible statuses that can be assigned to Items. more »
  • Installation Guide - Getting Started

    This short guide will tell you what you need to know to install b2evolution for the first time. more »
  • Sent Emails

    b2evolution internally uses a unique function (send_mail()) through which ALL outgoing emails are piped. This function logs all emails it tries to send into this list. If an email does not appear here, b2evolution didn’t even try to send it. By… more »
  • Skin Development Primer

    This article will teach you what you need to know to be able to develop your own b2evolution skins as quickly as possible. more »
  • User Log-In Widget

    Displays a user login form (if user not already logged in): [image:8214:User not logged in] Settings [image:8215] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection (default entry: Log in to your account) Password… more »
  • 1. Selecting a type for the new collection

    The first step is to select the kind / type of collection you want to create. What you select here will preset many of your collection settings in order for your collection to behave a certain way. Nothing will be set in stone though. In b2evolution,… more »