• Multiple authors

    When your blog is meant to be managed by several users with different kind of permissions, this parameters could be useful: Use advanced perms: checking this you will enable two additional tabs to control specific permissions level applied over… more »
  • Other uses of collections

    This man page refers to b2evolution version: b2evolution supports multiple blogs. The idea is that you will be blogging about a variety of different subjects that will not be of interest to the same groups of readers. Multiple blogs allow you… more »
  • Uploading and Posting Files/Images

    How to attach and insert an image to a post. more »
  • User Levels

    In previous versions, users levels allowed to control access to some features, but this is now controlled much more precisely by the User Permissions. DEPRECTAED - In previous versions here is what user levels would allow: Level 1 and above Ability to… more »
  • Timeouts

    This section contains two fields that you can set to change your timeout settings. Reload-page timeout This is where you change the timeout settings in reloading your blog’s pages. You can change both the minutes and the seconds settings but the… more »
  • CVS

    Overview b2evolution is developed in a central CVS? repository at [http://sf.net SourceForge.Net]. This allows users to grab any version of b2evolution they want, including the latest development version. The normal way of obtaining b2evolution is thr… more »
  • Blog All

    ‘’The "Blog All" tab was relabeled "List" beginning in version 2.0, and blog aggregation took a new approach that does not involve a Blog All pre-installed page. See List if you are using version 2.0 or higher.'’… more »
  • How to Change the Appearance of my Permalinks

    The default [[Permalink|permalinks]] in b2evolution look something like:<br /> <nowiki>http://www.yoursite.com/blogs/index.php?title=post_title&c=1&tb=1&pb=1&more=1</nowiki> You can change this behavior to something c… more »
  • Version

    Stable release The most stable release can always be downloaded from the Downloads section. This is the version recommended for most users. Old releases A history of all previous releases is available here. We do not recommended that you use an… more »
  • SourceForge

    We have two projects hosted on [http://sf.net SourceForge.Net]: * The b2evolution repository at http://sf.net/projects/evocms * The (new) [[PluginsRepository|b2evolution plugins repository]] at http://sf.net/projects/evocms-plugins more »
  • Skin/Plugin XML Descriptions

    This page specifies possible tags, attributes and values for the xml files describing the skins, and possibly the plugins, their latest version, etc. In the end I think we have 3 to 4 different xml file formats: * 1) skininfo.xml which ships along wit… more »
  • Settings Tab

    This is the tab for editing settings that apply to all blogs on your installation of b2evolution. Here you can set the default blog, change language settings and install plugins. There are several sub-tabs, and each is dealt with in a section below.… more »
  • Online Help

    When the online help feature is enabled, help icons ([[Image:Icon_help.gif]]) are displayed next to certain features within b2evolution. Clicking on these links will open the relevant help topic from manual.b2evolution.net in a new browser window. more »
  • Pretty URL

    Let’s assume you have a default installation of b2evolution: * ‘'’Blog All”’ can be accessed through <code>index.php?blog=”’1′'’</code> * ‘'’Blog A”’ can be acce… more »
  • Known Issues

    2004-01-01 Pingbacks Pingbacks won’t work with PHP 4.2. opensocket() implementation seems to be buggued in PHP 4.2. Pingbacks work fine with newer versions of PHP. Please note that pingback implementation itself was buggued in b2 but has bee… more »
  • International Manuals

    This page is for linking manuals and tutorials in other languages. (Full length tutorials or sites on b2evolution only; not for individual blog posts) If you want to start a manual/help site in your own language, please let us know. more »
  • Quick Upgrade Procedure

    Note: This method has been deprecated in favor of the Auto-Upgrade Procedure. In some restricted cases detailed below, you may not need to go through the Standard Upgrade Procedure. However, you can always use the Standard Upgrade Procedure for any… more »
  • Adding Images or Photos

    There are two ways a photo/image can appear on a blog post in b2evolution. more »
  • Evoskin and A Template

    The following refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.2-RC2 and is obsolete. See 2.0. What’s the difference between an evoskin and a template? *An evoskin is actually a collection of templates and subtemplates which control the layout of your blog. Sk… more »
  • Converting WordPress Themes

    This page gives an overlook as to how to convert WordPress? themes into b2evolution 2.2.1+ skins. While WordPress? themes used to be very different, since WP 1.5, WP themes are now very similar to evoSkins. This makes porting relatively easy. Convertin… more »
  • Blog ALL and Aggregating blogs

    ‘’b2evolution version 0.x & 1.x only – doe NOT apply version 2.x and above'’ Blog #1 automatically aggregates all the content of all other blogs. In B2evo 2.x & above, any blog can be set to aggregate any number of othe… more »
  • Changing your Profile

    On the Home Page of your blogs, you can see all of your personal settings. Clicking Edit my profile will send you your User profile where you can edit your Profile information, your Profile Picture, Password, and Preferences. more »
  • How to call a blog from a subdirectory?

    This man page applies to b2evolution version “phoenix” There are situation where you don’t want all your blogs called from the same directory on your web server. This page explains how to achieve this. Prerequisite In order to un… more »
  • General settings

    This man page refers to b2evolution version Default User Rights Display Options Archive mode: choose how you want to group posts when listing the archives. This also applies to the edit page in the backoffice. Note on weekly archives: the… more »
  • Chicago admin skin preferences

    This preferences will be available in the Advanced preferences tab only if the Chicago admin skin is selected. . Show evobar. Let you show / hide the evobar. . Show breadcrumbs path. Let you to show / hide the breadcrumbs path. Note: if you hide uncheck… more »

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