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Moniker DNS down again: an alternative solution!

  September 2, 2013 • Category: Tips

The problem

Many of us have registered domain names at Moniker.com. And while they are both effective and efficient at registering and managing your domain names for a low "bulk" price, their DNS servers have proven to be utterly unreliable with several day long outtages over the last year.

This means your domains are all good and safe but if you use Moniker's own DNS servers (instead of, for example, your web hosting company's name servers), people may experience additional delay in trying to access your site or they may even not get there at all.

One solution would be to use your web hosting's provider's DNS servers. But these tend to not be very reliable either... and to say the least, they are very slow.

The Solution

So we went out to look for a dedicated DNS service provider. There are many but only a handful use AnyCast. AnyCast allows your visitors to use a DNS server closest to them, cutting latency times and getting their DNS queries answered 10 to 100 times faster than with standard UniCast DNS providers.

Out of these, only one has affordable pricing: DNS Made Easy . For less than $30/year can host DNS service for 10 domain at lightning speeds!

Measuring results

Go check out the speed of your current DNS service here at ultratools.com. Look at the max delays! With Moniker DNS servers you may get delays as long as 350 ms, if not flat out dropped requests! You can compare it with b2evolution.net since we use DNS Made Easy ourselves. You should see results as low as 3 ms!

Coupon: 30% OFF HostGator until the end of August

  July 23, 2013 • Category: Coupons

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This was valid until the end of July but has been extended until the end of August.

51% OFF on HostGator - Today Only

  May 29, 2013 • Category: Promotions, Coupons

HostGator coupon code: SNAP51 - 51% off on all hosting plans - today only.

Today, you can get HostGator's premium web hosting as low as $2.43 / month!

Starting at Midnight CDT Wednesday May 29th HostGator will be running 51% off all hosting packages! Sale Price applies to first term only.

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HostMetro Review

  May 21, 2013 • Category: Reviews


HostMetro is a relatively new hosting company born from the reunion of several web hosting industry veterans. They have of 50 years of combined experience and they are set out to make things right.


HostMetro won't make false claims about unlimited space and bandwidth (like many competitors do) but they assure you you will have enough for any normal web site (which means you can't run a file archiving service or a video sharing site; oustide of that you never have to worry about space or transfer limitations).

Full story »

iPage Review

  October 5, 2012 • Category: Reviews


Originally founded in 1998, iPage started as a full web solution provider based in Burlington, MA. But after 2000, they put their activities on hold to restart as a 100% web hosting company in 2007. With a leading team composed of the top men in the business and an aggressive hosting plan, iPage has made a powerful come-back.

Today, iPage's platform serves over 1,000,000 web sites and they are one of the top well known brands in the web hosting industry.

  • Founded: 1998 - switched to 100% hosting in 2007
  • Owner: EIG (Endurance International Group)
  • Founder and CEO: Thomas Gorny
  • Office location(s): Burlington, MA
  • Data center location(s): 2 in Massachusetts

iPage offers a single all-in-one hosting plan -- in the Standard / Shared web hosting category -- which includes everything most individuals and small business need.

Green / Environment focus

***** 100% Wind Energy.

iPage is also seriously involved in the Green Hosting initiative: in order to minimize their carbon footprint, iPage purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to cover the usage of electricity for their servers and offices. Relying 100% on wind energy, iPage offsets an energy efficiency comparable to planting 2,390 acres of trees.

If you want to support the green hosting initiative, iPage will give you your own Green Badge to place on your web site. This can be an asset for your business and attract more customers.

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