Here are a few guidelines describing the general design philosophy of b2evolution.

Adhering to Web Standards Whenever Possible

While we value web standards ? all web standards ? we also value reality. And in the real world a lot of people use non standard compliant web browsers. In the real world, Google provides javascript snippets that are not web standards compliant. In the real world, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements are not alwats in line with web standards.

So, we try to comply to web standards as much as possible but when something just won't work as the majority would like it to, in a standard way, then we won't do any integrism about it.

Relying on Well-Supported Technologies

We want to make b2evolution available to the broadest range of users. In this respect, we use the very common PHP + MySQL (LAMP) platform. We also use the common jQuery library for Javascript and widely spread twitter Bootstrap as a CSS framework.

Furthermore, we take care in using versions of PHP & MySQL which are commonly available on a wide majority of web hosts.

Clean, Robust & Documented Code

Though b2evolution originally started as an evolution of b2/cafelog, we found out that the legacy codebase was unable to handle the scalability, security, functionality and versatily we were expecting from b2evolution.

So, little by little we rewrote the whole core of the application. Today b2evolution has barely more than its name left in common with its ancestors.

We are very vigilant in keeping the codebase clean.

No Hacks

The efforts put into cleaning up the code lead us to not integrate any further hacks into the application. If you want to add functionnality and make it publicly available, we suggest that you start by taking advantage of our plugin framework.

Did you know?

  • b2evolution and WordPress originally shared the same b2 ancestor.
  • b2evolution is now based on a brand new core framework called evoCore.

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