About b2evolution...

I'm discovering just how much I hate Wordpress. Why make templates so hard to use? @b2evolution is so much better.

– Naomi Guss (@pupsinmelb) September 11, 2013

This isn't about a bunch of promises of things to come. The development team delivers, period. And boy, do they deliver in style!

– TreoRenegade

Soooo easy to set up!

My first site, I had a few template issues, but no issues with the software. B2Evolution is pretty neat so far. The second site took less than a day to work out and again, that was designing the template, getting that running and the blog set up was quick. Waaaay cooler than what i used to use before.

Anyway, thanks for the great software.

– Pamela

The backend is more configurable and powerful than WP. It's more like a CMS than a blog and it has several powerful features like multi-blogging and per-post enabling/disabling post filters (like smilies, smart quotes, auto-links and other code) etc.

Just check out a demo of b2evolution at demo.b2evolution.net. ;)

Really cool.

– Hari

I just now installed b2e on my test server, and I must say I'm impressed. The installation went flawlessly and was impossibly easy to do, and I'm quite impressed by all of the configuration options. The configuration files are very easy to understand, too. I'm currently poking around to see what I found, but it took just a few seconds to import my 1500+ old posts into the new database. I'm extremely pleased and can't wait to see what I can do with it.


The "feature" b2 has and will always have over WP is stability. I can go about months without even checking on my b2 install that has over 1 mil unique visitors / month. It is more reliable.


About the community...

Wish all FLOSS project developers were half as obliging!

– Hari

That was a quick response and it was dead-on accurate too. You solved my problem for me and the instructions you provided made the process easy. Thank you very much. I must say that this forum is a breath of fresh air.

– Hullodare

Everyone is so nice here. ;)


Hi there, I'm new to b2evo but I just wanted to say thanks.

After going through the FAQ, I went sifting through the forum trying to answers to oddball questions that I still had. All throughout I've been reading your posts and I found it very refreshing to find someone who takes time out to respond without being sarcastic or degrading to newbies as I've seen on other sites. 

Because of the thoroughness of your replies, I haven't had to post anything to the forum yet, I've always managed to find the answer. 

Thanks again.

– Adam (PM)

Thanks! to you and your team. Your product is SUPERB - head and shoulders above all the others. I say that for one simple reason - the comprehensive documentation makes the whole thing incredibly easy by explaining in simple terms what goes on, and how to customise it. Let your rivals take note. I am immensely impressed - very well done!!

– Jill C. (email)

Please send more! ;-)

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I started using b2 back in 2004. I used it and customized the theme for many of my sites. Over time I decided to try some other blogging software, and I did. Now, many years later, I am back to b2evolution because it is more flexible, and definitely easier to customize the theme with Dreamweaver. I have added a lot of HTML code to the template and even done search and replace to quickly customize the same theme for a different domain. Thanks.

05/07/14 @ 16:01
Comment from: Thankful User [Visitor]
Thankful User

I wish to express my gratitude for the outstanding free open source project that you have provided for the general public. I am very thankful for the opportunity to use b2evolution.
It is just awesome. It is a great website blog tool for a professional website presence. The beauty of b2evolution is to be found in the useful and easy to use functions and application.

I have tried different tools, but I threw everything in the trash after I discovered b2evolution.

Thank you for providing such a practical tool for the beginning as well as the professional. I wish you and your team good fortune and good health.

11/05/14 @ 09:42