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b2evolution includes everything you need to build websites for sharing and interacting with your community.

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b2evolution is a Content Management System (CMS) aimed at making it easy to build and maintain websites for sharing information and collaborating with your community.

From a simple homepage to a blog, a photo gallery or a newsletter... all the way up to a full-featured community site with forums, members directory and private messaging, b2evolution includes everything you need in a single integrated package (which saves you time on setup and upgrades).

b2evolution is Free Open-Source software that you can download and run on the web-hosting service of your choice.

Why b2evolution is the smart choice for your website ...

Free Open-Source

b2evolution is Free Open-Source Software (FLOSS) licensed under the GPL v2 license and available on GitHub.

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100% Your Rules

You own your website. You choose who gets access and what different groups of users can see.

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Web Standards

b2evolution v6 fully leverages HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and the Bootstrap Responsive Web-Design framework.

Industrial Strength

b2evolution's team has been involved in web security and performance since 1997.

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Low Maintenance

b2evolution requires less 3rd party plugins than any other CMS. Say hello to 1-click upgrades!

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Your site powered by b2evolution
  • Start with a homepageStart with a homepage
  • Add a blogAdd a blog
  • Add a blogAdd a blog
  • Add a blogAdd a blog
  • Add a blogAdd a blog
  • Multiple blogs done right!Multiple blogs done right!
  • Share your photosShare your photos
  • Share your photosShare your photos
  • Share your photosShare your photos
  • Connect your communityConnect your community
  • Publish with structurePublish with structure
  • Start with a homepage

    Once b2evolution is installed on your own web server or web hosting account, you might want to introduce your website with a home page.

    Change the photo, the title, the intro text... and you've got your very own homepage.

    When you're done with the home page, you can start adding more sections (a.k.a. Collections) to your site. They will appear in the main navigation bar at the top...

  • Add a blog

    With 3 additional clicks your website gets a blog section.

    Write something. Hit "publish". It's live!

    You may also immediately start customizing your site design:

    • Choose a different Skin: Example 1, 2, 3, Bootstrap
    • Customize your skin with skin settings
    • Add, remove and re-arrange skin widgets
    • Optionally customize your CSS
    • If you fancy, dig into the open-source PHP code
  • Multiple blogs done right!

    Multiple blogs can be used as different sections of your website.

    You could also have loosely connected blogs by letting each member of your organization, community or family customize their own space to their own taste.

    b2evolution was designed for multiple blogs from day one and makes management really easy:

    • All skins and all plugins are compatible with multiple blogs ;
    • Each blog can run in a different subfolder, different subdomain or different domain ;
    • You can easily move posts and comments from one blog to another ;
    • You can cross-post into multiple blogs at once !
  • Share your photos

    Photo Albums

    Organize your photos into Albums and show them off in a neutral design that lets your art shine!

    Albums open into contact sheets of thumbnails of customizable size. Each thumbnail can be viewed in full screen through a lightbox which allows zooming in to the highest available resolution of your photos.

    Slideshow mode & keyboard navigation included.

    Photo Blogs

    If you prefer a linear story with added text, we also have skins just for that!

  • Connect your community

    By adding forums – a.k.a. Bulletin Boards – to your website, your community can stay in touch with each other by sparking conversations on the topics they care about.

    b2evolution’s forums can be enabled on your site in 3 clicks. No plugin necessary. No integration issues.

    Feature highlights:

    • File attachments in discussion threads
    • User profiles & directory
    • Private messaging between users
    • Advanced multi-level moderation
    • Efficient spam killing features
  • Publish with structure

    Manuals, books and documentation often require a structured hierarchy of chapters and sub-chapters, contrary to blogs, which are typically organized by date.

    Each manual can have its own assigned contributors. Each page can have its own attachments (images, videos, downloads) as well as a feedback/comment feed if needed.

    Manuals can be navigated hierarchically or searched in full-text. You can also easily create transverse hyperlinks from one page to another using easy Wiki-like markup.

If you already have a website ...

It's 100% Free Open-Source.

Then follow the easy installation guide and learn how to install b2evolution on your own website.
Start adding content in a matter of minutes.

If you're looking for beta/other versions, skins, plugins or language packs, please check out the Downloads section.

The latest cutting-edge development version can also be found on GitHub.


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Mar, 26
b2evolution CMS is no longer actively developed (Read more…). We only fix security issues when discovered on the 7.2.x-stable branch. We do not maintain older or newer (development) branches. We will not maintain forever… We strongly… Full story »
Sep, 05
b2evolution v7.2 is considered very stable now and used by many users as well PRO clients. You can find b2evolution v7.x in the download area. We also made a quick video to show v7 (others should follow): Please note we will stop supporting b2evolution… Full story »
Jan, 11
Happy New Year everyone! We had 8 releases of b2evolution 6.x last year but most of our work behind the scenes has been focused on b2evolution 7.x. To this day b2evolution 7.x-PRO is already used by several PRO clients but we have not released a stable… Full story »
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