New users downloading b2evolution for the first time are encouraged to download the latest beta / Evaluation Grade version to be able to see the latest features. We do not recommend downloading alpha / Advance Release versions, unless you are really interested in a specific new feature.

Users running b2evolution on production sites are strongly encouraged to always upgrade to the latest stable / Production Grade version as it becomes available.

Note: We strongly advise against running any Deprecated — or worse: Obsolete — versions. We keep them listed here only for reference.

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Not released yet. Version number will change probably at least to 6.5.0.

Available on GitHub.


Released on March 5th, 2015.

This is the version that has previously been referred to as "i7".

We have a Guided Tour if you’d like ;)

This is an alpha version. This means it is meant mainly for evaluation and testing.

The main thing to know about alpha versions is that anything might change from one release to the next and there might not be a clean upgrade path from one alpha to the next.

However, this version works! It still needs a lot of visual polishing and there are inconsistencies that need to be fixed. Basically what we mean is: don’t judge it by its current looks, many things will still change, but if you like it as is… it’s up to you to decide if you feel confident about running it on production.


Released on February 21h, 2015.

This is a stable release and is recommended for all users.


Released on January 14th, 2015.

This is a maintenance release recommended for all users in order to improve security.


Released on December 6th, 2014.

This is a stable release and is recommended for all users.

For a while this release was going to be called 5.1.3-stable but, as it includes a small database upgrade for best stability, we named it 5.2.0-stable, in order to signify that you need to perform a quick run of the installer, even when upgrading from 5.1.2. Rest assured though that this is majorly 5.1.2 with many many bug fixes, so it's actually super stable at this point! ;) Upgrade is highly recommended for all users.

Categories: 5.x Series, Deprecated


Release on September 10th, 2014.

This is a stable release and is recommended for all users.

You will find the major changes listed below.

Categories: 5.x Series, Deprecated


Released on May 15th, 2014.

This is a maintenance release addressing only bug fixes.

Categories: 5.x Series, Deprecated
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