b2evolution includes all the features of traditional blog tools, and extends them with evolved features such as file & photo management, advanced skinning, multiple blogs support as well as detailed user permissions...

Multiple blogs

Install b2evolution once and use it for 2, 3, 10, 100 or even 1000 blogs at the same time. Each blog can live on a different page, in a different folder, or on a different domain... or you could also choose to display several blogs on the same page.

Multiple domains

Install b2evolution once at the root of you web hosting plan, set up as many "alias domains" as your web host allows you to, and let b2evolution take care of running a different blog/site on every domain.

Multiple users and authors

Any user can be given permissions to read, write, moderate or fully customize any number of blogs. Complete and detailed permission management is included.

Integrated stats

b2evo will show you activity graphs for each blog, including robots, RSS readers and browser hits broken down by referrers, searches, direct accesses, self-referred, etc. Also includes search keywords, user logins and more.

AntiSpam Deluxe

Effective combination of active and passive antispam measures ? including a community shared blacklist ? to block comment and referer spam.

Blog skins / themes

Skins do not only determine how your blog looks but also how they behave: traditional blog, knowledge base, bug tracker... b2evolution comes with a selection of skins for multiple purposes (blogs, photo albums, online manuals, forums). Each skin can be customized through a settings screen (colors, etc.) If needed, additional skins can be easily downloaded and installed.


All skins accept widgets in multiple containers. Widgets allow you to decide what content to place in which container and in which order.

Plugin framework

In the occasional case wher b2evolution doesn't already include a feature you need, its advanced plugin framework allows you to extend the application with virtually any feature you may need... or simply install prebuilt plugins provided by the community.

Advanced categorization

Each blog can be sub-divided into categories and sub-categories to organize your posts by subject or theme. Posts can be assigned multiple categories, but even more: if you wish posts can be cross-posted among multiple blogs at once.

Localized in several languages

Many languages packs are available for download. If you can't find your language, use the localization toolkit to easily localize b2evo to your language.

W3C Web standards compliance

b2evo is so W3C standards compliant that it is used by the W3C itself! Additionally, b2evo has an integrated XHTML checker that lets you validate any new content before you post it.


For example: submitters can post drafts, then assign them to an editor who in turn may assign them to reviewers for final approval and publication on the site. Actual workflow, permissions and statuses are all up to you.

Multiple post types support

With b2evolution you're not limited to writing in-flow blog posts, you can also write random pages that you can link in the menus (thanks to widgets) and access randomly.

You can also write intro posts for each blog or even for each category.

b2evolution also has a post type for podcasts which will automatically produce correctly formatted RSS feeds for podcasts.


b2evolution lets you attach files not onloy to posts, but also to comments. This way your users can easily post comments on blogs or in forums with pictures attached (can be configured).

Easy install & upgrade

b2evolution's installer will take care of almost everything. Basically, you only need to give it the name of a MySQL database and you're set. Upgrading is equally simple. Only heavy customizations may require special care when upgrading.

User profiles

Users can create a profile with profile pictures as well as a number of custom fields that can be configured by administrators.

SEO friendly

Each URL type can be configured. Each link type can be configured follow/no-follow. Each page can be configured index/no-index.

Posts/articles can have a <title> different from their <h1> and additional meta tag info can be configured.

Obsolete posts can be 301-redirected. Other 404's can have a custom error page or can also be redirected (301, 302, 303...)

WYSIWYG Editor or not

With b2evolution, authors have a choice or using a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE is included) or not. In that case other types of fast markup can be used: GM Code, BB Code, Markdown as well as WiKi-style markup, including quick WikiLinks.

Twitter plugin

Automatically post to twitter when a new post or article is published.

Mass Posting

If you have a collection of texts in a text file, you can copy/paste it in the mass posting editor and it will automatically creat enew posts for you by recognizing posts, titles and paragraphs based on newlines/blank lines.

Server Side Analytics (SSA)

Identify and block spammer activity! Spammers never load the Javascript Analytics packages such as Google Analytics and stay under the radar. With Server Side Analytics you can see what they do, identify them and block them.

SSA will further allow you to track everything where other analytics packages can only track page views from visitors using a web browser with JavaScript enabled. b2evolution will track all page views:

  • Even if Javascript is turned off
  • RSS and Atom feed requests
  • robot, crawler and spider activity
  • spammer activity
  • AJAX requests
  • Incomplete pageloads (even if the user aborts loading the page, the view is counted)

See Manual page.


  • Multiple & sub-categories 
  • Photoblogs with thumbnail index - 
  • Featured posts - - 
  • Posts can have custom fields - - 
  • User comments 
  • Comment ratings - 
  • Comment avatars with gravatar support - - - 
  • Allowing/closing comments on a post by post basis 
  • Trackbacks 
  • Spam filtering 
  • Paged browsing 
  • Archives by Year, Month, Week or Day 
  • Archives by Category 
  • Weekly archives 
  • Category archives 
  • Tags and tag clouds - 
  • Keyword search (and / or / phrase) 
  • Multipage posts 
  • Extended "read more" posts 
  • Clean / keyword rich permalinks (no ? in URL) 
  • Per post lang attribute 
  • Author contact forms 
  • Standalone admin contact form
  • Admin / backoffice including dashboard - 
  • Cross-post among multiple categories 
  • Cross-post among multiple blogs 
  • Draft posts 
  • Private posts 
  • Protected posts (reserved to members) 
  • Advanced rendering plugins 
  • Texturize plugin 
  • Smiley plugin 
  • XHTML input validator 
  • Drag & drop widget management - - 
  • File Manager 
  • Automatic thumbnail generation - 
  • Configurable thumbnail sizes - - 
  • Create posts from one or more images - - 
  • User / Group management 
  • Users can have custom fields - - 
  • Simple permission management - 
  • Advanced User / Group permissions 
  • Edit permissions can depend on user level - 
  • Plugins can define their own permissions - - - 
  • Messaging module- - - - 
  • jQuery as default JS/AJAX library
  • EvoBar (toolbar) on all pages - 
  • Page level caching
  • Block level caching 
  • Object level caching 
  • Security aware framework 
  • Plugin framework 
  • Plugins can have blog specific settings
  • i18n/l10n toolkit 
  • Timezone difference handling 
  • RSS for posts 
  • RSS for comments 
  • Atom for posts 
  • Atom for comments 
  • RSS/Atom feeds for comments on individual posts 
  • b2 API 
  • Blogger API 
  • MetaWeblog API - 
  • MovableType API - 
  • WordPress API - - - 
  • Pre-optimized for search engines & advanced SEO settings - 
  • Canonical URLs and 301 redirects - 
  • Explicit <title> and <meta> fields handling - - 
  • Ping plugins 
  • Pinging of b2evolution.net 
  • Pinging of pingomatic 
  • AdSense plugin - 
  • Advanced plugin framework 
  • Integrated stats/analytics with Flash charts 
  • Goal tracking - - 
  • Integrated antispam 
  • Centralized spam blacklist 
  • Task scheduler for automatic maintenance 
  • Google Sitemaps 
  • User registration with email validation 
  • Optimized for iPhone - - 
  • Optimized for InnoDB data integrity - - 
  • Optimized for PHP 5 (still compatible with PHP 4) - - - 
  • Optimized for APC cache
  • +++ V5 FEATURES!

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