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  • The In-skin Edit Screen

    The In-skin Edit Screen is the easiest way to edit content but it may not be available in the Evo Skin you are currently using.More »
  • Comments / Feedback Area

    Note that comments can be disabled at the Post level, the Post Type level or the Collection level. When comments are enabled, you will see something like this under each post: Logged-in Users [image:9050:] Anonymous Users For anonymous users the form…More »
  • Social Media Meta Tags

    b2evolution will automatically add social media meta tags to certain Disps. At this time the following tags can be inserted (example): This includes Opengraph tags for facebook and tags for Twitter Cards. Facebook Sharing debugger:…More »
  • Workflow Panel

    This Panel can appear in the backoffice and in the front office when Workflow is enabled in Workflow Settings. Please see Item Workflow Properties Panel for more details.More »
  • Flagging Items

    Logged-in users can flag Items that they wish to "save" for later review. This is similar to putting a bookmark on that item. A flag is an individual user data so users can each have a different list of flagged items. To flag an item, simply…More »