• Custom Fields

    This applies to v5. You can define custom fields in Blog Settings > Features > Posts. Custom fields can contain numbers (floating point numbers with double precision) or text strings (varchars). more »
  • php.ini file

    php.ini is the configuration file for PHP. It is not part of b2evolution. Its location varies and depends on your server setup. You typically won’t need to touch this file unless your are maintaining your own VPS or dedicated server. Settings yo… more »
  • Profile Picture widget

    This widget will display the profile picture of the owner of the collection. It can be placed anywhere as each collection will have an owner. Note: This widget will be context-sensitive in the future. Params: Parameter: Image size - specify the image… more »
  • disp = msgform

    This Disp is used to display a message form. By default it allows to contact the Owner of the current Collection but it can also be used to contact other users who allow it. This, of course, only applies as long as the particular skin you are using… more »
  • Receiving notifications Panel

    Under the Notifications tab, you can edit when/if you receive notifications as new posts and comments are published. more »
  • Collection Subscriptions Panel

    This panel allows you to manage your subscriptions to individual collections. [image:5792:Here the user is subscribed to All posts of Blog B and to All posts and comments of the Forums collection] The top part of the panel shows your current… more »
  • Newsletter subscriptions Panel

    Newslettering is an option offered by b2evolution which users with the specific permissions are able to send massive messages to another users that they have previously selected (to read more about newsletters). In this section, you are able to control… more »
  • Newsletter

    A Newsletter is a series of Issues to which individual Subscribers can subscribe to. When a User/Subscriber is subscribed to a Newsletter, he will automatically receive all new Issues of that Newsletter. Each Issue is an email Campaign that is… more »
  • Linkblog

    What is a linkblog? A linkblog is a simple way to add content to the sidebar of your regular blog without having to change any skin files or add any content manually. The linkblog is actually just a regular blog which gets inserted into the sidebar of y… more »
  • Photoblog Anatomy

    A photoblog is a blog that places emphasis on images. Each post can feature an image only or an image accompanied by text. In a photoblog, only the most recent post is shown on the home page, unlike with a traditional blog where several posts may appear… more »
  • Photo Gallery Anatomy

    The "Photo Albums" skin is designed to present photos and videos (and possibly other types of media files) in the form of albums. You first see a page showing all albums (disp=posts) in the form of thumbnails. If you hover on a thumbnail it t… more »
  • Blog Anatomy

    A content management system (CMS), like b2evolution, helps you manage your blog by encapsulating different elements in easy to edit blocks. This makes it possible to change parts of your blog without messing up other parts. To better understand how this… more »
  • Setup a New Blog

    Here are some simple steps to add a new blog to your site: #In backoffice? under the tab? click the link at the bottom to create a ‘'’New blog”’. #Fill out the tab#General_tab | form? for creating a new blog. #Click ‘'&… more »
  • How do I know the ID of a post

    The ID of a post is a sequential and unique number which is automatically generated by b2evolution when you create a new post, and lets the system identify that post in all the action to come. In general, it wouldn’t be necesary to know that… more »
  • My blog is slow because it's hammered with comment SPAM! How do I recover?

    If your blog is being hammered with comment spam, it will get slower and slower as your database gets bloated with hundreds of thousands of spammy comments. At some point your site will get so slow and will consume so many resources that your web hosti… more »
  • Converting WordPress Themes

    This page gives an overlook as to how to convert WordPress? themes into b2evolution 2.2.1+ skins. While WordPress? themes used to be very different, since WP 1.5, WP themes are now very similar to evoSkins. This makes porting relatively easy. Convertin… more »
  • Post Contents Panel

    There are seven core post types. more »
  • Post type Features

    This is where you configure if this post type will require a Title, a content Text, if that text can be HTML, if there can be teaser and page breaks, if files can be attached and if the post can be featured (e-g: Featured/Intro Post Widget). more »
  • How to Include External Photos or Images

    Adding images to your post can be done through both the simple and expert text editor screens. more »
  • How to add link to an external site

    Depending on the Renderers you have installed and activated, there are many ways to add links to a post. For example, with the Autolinks Renderer, just pasting an URL into a post will display it as a link. That being said, the "always-works"… more »
  • Renderer Plugins

    Renderer plugins are plugins that will process the text of a blog Post or Item and render it in a more complex way than just plain text. Examples of this include: creating paragraphs, creating bold text, creating links, inserting images, inserting vide… more »
  • Guided Tour - Front Office

    In this page we will walk you through b2evolution as it should look right after your first installation... more »
  • Bootstrap Framework

    Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework for creating Responsive (RWD?) web sites. b2evolution uses Bootstrap extensively for it’s default Skins as well as for its Back Office. more »
  • Home Page

    Your Home Page is the top level page of your website, or in this case, the top level page that b2evolution displays when you access its Base URL. Your Home Page is the Front Page of your Main Collection. more »
  • Front Page

    A Front Page is the top level page of a Collection. If your website or b2evolution installation consists of only one Collection, then the Front Page of that Collection is also the Home Page of your site. However, if you have multiple Collections (for… more »
  • Logging In

    The Login Page You have to log in in order to edit or manage your site. There should be a "Login" link on the main page of your blog. Clicking that will take you to the login page where you can enter your username and password. Your username… more »
  • Working with Multiple Collections

    One of the main features of the B2evolution CMS is the ability to manage multiple blogs with a single installation on your domain. more »
  • How to change your Profile Picture

    In addition to being able upload a new profile picture through the Identity tab of your profile located on the main user screen, you can also navigate to the Profile Picture tab, as well. more »
  • How to edit your Personal Details

    Under the 'Identity' tab, you can edit your login and display name, as well as enter personal information like your location and age. more »
  • How to View & Edit your User Profile

    You can access your personal settings through two locations in the back office. more »