• Breadcrumb Path Widget

    Displays a breadcrumb path from the category root to the current post, going through sub-categories. By default, this uses the main category of the post being displayed. Then it recurses back to the root.More »
  • Request Title Widget

    This widget will display the title of the current section.More »
  • Search Form Widget

    This widget displays a search form for a collection.More »
  • Site Logo Title Widget

    Include a site logo (as a title replacement).More »
  • Category Title Widget

    This widget displays the name of the current category when browsing categories. (disp=posts|single)More »
  • Current Item Filters Widget

    This widget will display a list of currently applied filters on the current view of items in the collection. It will also have "remove" buttons to remove the filters we don’t want to apply.More »
  • Current Comment Filters Widget

    This widget displays a summary of the current Comment filters. The widget provides buttons to let you remove some of the active comment filters.More »
  • List Pages Widget

    On [[disp=posts]] (and similar), this widget displays a pager allowing to access other pages of the list, when there are more posts than the ones that fit on screen:More »
  • Item Next Previous Widget

    This widget displays navigation controls that allow you to move to the next or previous Item.More »
  • Language/Locale/Version Switch Widget

    This widget displays flags/linkls to switch between Language/Locale/Version for the current Item, or current category (through its Intro Post, or current Collection.More »
  • Category List Widget

    This widget displays a (hierarchic) list of all the categories of the current collection.More »
  • Content Hierarchy Widget

    This widget displays the content hierarchy of the current collection. This should be what you see in the left column of this manual page. The content hierarchy is a mix of the Categories, sub-categories, and the Posts they contain.More »
  • Tag Cloud Widget

    This widget displays a tag cloud for the current collection (or for one/multiple other "source collections" if specified). Clicking on a tag goes to the post list (in the "destination collection" if specified), filtered on the…More »
  • Item List Sort Order Widget

    This widget displays a control that allows users to select the sort order of the list of Items.More »
  • Calendar Widget

    This widget displays a calendar where each day that has posts is a link. Clicking on a day displays the post list (post "archives") for that day.More »
  • Archives Widget

    This widget displays a list of links to the archives. It links to monthly archives by default, but this is configurable.More »
  • Embed Menu Widget

    This Widget allows to display a local Menu anywhere on a page.More »
  • Common Navigation Links Widget

    This widget displays common navigation links such as "Home", "Recently", "Archives", "Categories", "Latest Comments"… This widget is not very useful anymore since we have a "Menu"…More »