Collection Details

  • Logo Title Widget

    This widget is designed for displaying a logo instead of a title for the current collection. The alt tag of the image will be the collection title unless overridden in the widget settings. Also, the logo will be displayed as a widget title, typically as…More »
  • Collection Title widget

    This widget will display the name of the current collection.More »
  • Collection Tagline Widget

    This widget will display the tagline of the current collection.More »
  • Long Description of Collection widget

    This widget will display the long description entered in the General Settings of a Collection. Settings [image:8880]More »
  • Current Item Filters Widget

    This widget will display a list of currently applied filters on the current view of items in the collection. It will also have "remove" buttons to remove the filters we don’t want to apply.More »
  • XML Feeds (RSS / Atom) Widget

    This widget displays links to the RSS and/or Atom feeds for Post and/or Comments of the current collection. Settings [image:8881] Title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection. Help link: check this to display…More »
  • Member Count Widget

    This widget allows to display the member count of a collection and link to the list of members. It will only display the count if the collection is "Members Only" (because non-members are not allowed to see who is a member).More »
  • Collection Activity Statistics Widget

    This widget displays a graph of activity statistics of a collection - particularly of forum collections. The graph shows the following information: number of users that registered per day number of new topics per day number of new replies per day…More »
  • Language/Locale/Version Switch Widget

    This widget displays flags/linkls to switch between Language/Locale/Version for the current Item, or current category (through its Intro Post, or current Collection. To link versions together: For Posts/Items, see: Item Languages / Version Panel For…More »