User Related

  • User Log-In Widget

    Displays a user login form (if the user is not already logged in).More »
  • User Greetings Widget

    This widget displays a greeting message to the logged-in user.More »
  • Email capture / Quick registration Widget

    When placed in the sidebar, the main area, or any Container you like, this widget will display a form to capture the User's email (and optional additional fields). This will quickly create an account for the User and register him to one or more email lists.More »
  • Registration Form Widget

    This widget displays a normal registration form. This is the widget used in disp = register by default.More »
  • Newsletter/Email List Subscription Widget

    When placed into the sidebar, main area, or any other Container, this widget allows registered users to subscribe/unsubscribe to an Email List.More »
  • User List Widget

    This widget will display a list of profile pictures (typically random) registered on the site. Clicking on a profile will lead to the user’s page (disp = user).More »
  • Organization Members Widget

    This widget will display the users of an organization in a responsive grid (designed for Bootstrap).More »
  • Online Users Widget

    This widget displays a list of currently online users. This works similarly to the Whosonline Widget but displays a much simpler list. You have the option to display the currently logged-in users to anonymous users.More »
  • User Tools widget

    This widget displays links to several user tools.More »
  • User Links Widget

    This is typically used for "Social Link Icons". It can displays logos linking to twitter, facebook, Google+, etc. This widget displays icons that link to the URLs defined on a user profile. Each URL that is defined in a user profile field and…More »
  • Subscribe to Collection Updates Widget

    This widget displays checkboxes or links that allow the user to subscribe/unsubscribe to email notifications on the current Collection.More »