Displaying Contents

  • Content Block Widget

    This widget displays the content of an Item of type Content Block. This can be used to display the same content block in many different places of the site.More »
  • Featured/Intro Post Widget

    This widget will display the intro post or a featured post if one is available for the current collection.More »
  • Display Item Widget

    This widget displays the content of an Item or Standalone Page.More »
  • Compare Item Fields Widget

    This widget displays the differences between custom fields of the selected items. [image:8764:Sample display of the Compare Item Fields widget] Settings Title: the title to display. Items to compare: this option lets you select what items will be…More »
  • Tabbed Items Widget

    Display Items (Posts/Pages/Links…) with switchable tabs. See Tutorial: How to Display content as Tabs on a page.More »
  • Param Switcher Widget

    Display buttons to switch between params. Useful for Compare Item Fields Widget.More »