• Post Contents Panel

    There are seven core post types. more »
  • Images & Attachments Panel

    The Images & Attachmentsfieldset appears in b2evolution 2.5+. more »
  • Post Advanced Properties Panel

    Have a Myspace blog? Have a b2evo blog? Wish you could somehow sync the two up without cutting and pasting? more »
  • Meta Comments Panel

    This panel allows you to see the Meta Comments for the current post. more »
  • Post Categories Panel

    The categories fieldset is located at the top of the right column on both the Simple and Expert tab|post editing screens. more »
  • Post Properties Panel

    Featured Post Controls whether the Post should appear as featured on the front page of the collection. Check the box if you want the post to be a featured post. Hide teaser Controls whether we want to hide the Teaser of the post once we have clicked on… more »
  • Text Renderers Panel

    This panel allows you to select which Renderer plugins should apply to your post. Configuring this panel This panel may have more or less available renderers, depending on the configuration in the collection plugin settings. more »
  • Post Comments Panel

    Depending on the Post Type of the current Post, this panel allows you to control posting of comments on the current Post. You have the choice of leaving comments open or closed for each post you write. Close the comments when a post attracts too much… more »
  • Goal Tracking Panel

    This panel allow to record Goal hits to page/post views. In order to record a hit on a specific goal every time the Post or Page is displayed, do this: Create a Goal in Goal Settings. Select a Goal Category -> the final goals of that category will be… more »

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