• 1. Selecting a type for the new collection

    The first step is to select the kind of collection you want to create. What you select here will preset many of your collection settings in order for your collection to behave a certain way. Nothing will be set in stone though. In b2evolution, there is… more »
  • 2. Picking a skin for your collection

    The next step is simply to pick a skin to use with your new collection: Different skins can present the same information with different designs. Sometimes they can be radically different. IMPORTANT: b2evolution may present you with skins that are not… more »
  • 3. Specifying the New Collection Settings

  • Done!

    At this point your collection is live! You can see it in the Front Office. You can start adding content or customizing it some more, using the tabs you see on this screen… more »

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