• All content view

    Previously, this was called the Browse tab; version 5.0.0 calls it the Contents tab. The purpose of this tab is to find, delete and select posts to be edited. more »
  • Summary View for Social Media (Open Graph)

    This view shows a summary of each Post/Page as it will likely appear on social media (through the use of Open Graph meta data). more »
  • Posts view

    The page displays a table of recent posts for the current collection, listing only basic information about each post. more »
  • Workflow view

    Using the "Workflow features" in a collection you will be able to add aditional information to its items with the idea to help on information management processes, making this more visible to your users. The information that could be add to ea… more »
  • Manual view

    Collections of type ‘Manual’ benefit from a specific editing tool. Accessing the Manual Pages Editor You can access the Manual Pages Editor by clicking on Contents > Manual view. You can also access the Editor through the evoBar when you… more »
  • Pages view

    This page displays a list of all Standalone Pages belonging to the current collection. more »
  • Intros view

    The page displays a list of all Intro Posts for the current collection. more »
  • Content Blocks view

    This screen shows a list of all Content Blocks in the current collection. more »
  • Special Items view

    This page lists all the Items which have a special Item Usage. This includes: Sidebar Links Advertisements "Terms & Conditions" pages … and possibly other Items Types created by the Site Admin. more »

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