• Recycling Comments

    When a comment is recycled, it is not deleted immediately. more »
  • Editing Comments

    Similar to posts, comments can also be edited. more »
  • Elevating a Comment into a Post

    Comments can be elevated into a full blog post. more »
  • Comment notification emails

    We have three kind of comment notification emails: 1. Comment may need moderation notification: will be sent right after a new comment was created to each user who have permission to moderate this newly created comment, and the ‘a comment is pos… more »
  • Mass deletion

    This feature lets to automatically delete a lot of comments in a single action. more »
  • Moving comments to a different post

    Sometimes, you will need to manually move comments made in a particular post to a different one. There could be many reasons that require this kind of actions, maybe you are merging two posts and do not want to lose the comments that have been already… more »

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