Post Concepts

  • Front & Back-Office Edit Screens

    A Post or an Item can be edited either in the back-office or front-office.More »
  • Image / Attachment Positions

    When images or other files are attached to a post, they can be assigned to different positions. These positions determine where the images or attachments will be displayed in the post.More »
  • Visibility statuses

    The visibility status of a post or comment determines who can see it and where.
  • Intro and Featured Posts

    Intro posts and featured posts both appear before regular posts on skins that support this feature. This feature requires that your skin implements get_featured_Item().More »
  • Post Views Counting

    The goal of this feature was to count real views and not robot views or repeat views.More »
  • HTML Validator

    The HTML validator checks the HTML of your post to see that it is valid. It also rejects numerous tags, such as <object> for security reasons. This may be a problem for including YouTube videos, but there is a plugin for doing this without any…More »
  • My users do not have access to the files section / upload

    There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a User Group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the User Groups: File Permissions) The user needs to…More »
  • Plugin API for item settings

    Each plugin may set its own settings for the items. These settings will be stored in the database and can be requested any time, when the Item object is available. How to set a custom setting: PHP$Item->set_setting( 'setting_name', $setti…More »
  • Workflow Panel

    This Panel can appear in the backoffice and in the front office when Workflow is enabled in Workflow Settings. Please see Item Workflow Properties Panel for more details.More »
  • Intro Post

    Synonym for Item or Article.More »