Other post actions

  • Adding Videos

    Because of the size of video files, best practices recommend you actually upload them to specialized video publishing/sharing services such as YouTube or others. more »
  • Creating Posts From Files

    In the file manager you can select multiple files and then select "Make multiple posts (1 per image)" and click "Go!". more »
  • Managing Item Slugs

    If you want to edit the slugs associated to any item directly on its edition form, please do the following: Open the Expert Edit Screen for the item. Go to section advanced properties. Locate the field URL title "slug". On this fi… more »
  • Change History of an Item

    Note: on collections of type "Manual" the revision history can also be accessed from the front office by a link at the bottom of each page (for editors only). more »
  • Changing the type of a post

    1. Initiating a post/item type change In b2evolution 6.6+, changing the type of a post has important consequence, since each Post Type can have a different behavior as well as different fields. There are several ways to initiate a post type change:… more »