• Post List Panel

    In this panel, you can configure what posts are included in the list when browsing the Collection and customize how they are presented. more »
  • Single Item View Panel

    This panel lets you select the default behavior of the post by post navigation. more »
  • Create/Edit Options Panel

    In this panel, you can configure several options that affect the creation or editing of Posts/Items. more »
  • Post Moderation Panel

    In this panel, you can configure some options related with the moderation of the posts. more »
  • Item Voting Options

    This panel allows users to cast votes on Items/Posts. You can allow them to cast positive, neutral and/or negative votes. The voting buttons are displayed using the Item Votes Widget. more »
  • RSS/Atom feeds

    [image:626:] In this section, you can configure the way your posts are listed on RSS/Atom feeds. The Post feed contents option allows you to specify how much content will be made available in your post feeds. You can choose either to: post No feeds, w… more »
  • Item Subscriptions

    In this panel you can choose if Users are allowed subscribe to email notifications for Items/Posts. more »
  • Aggregation

    This allows you to aggregate the contents of multiple Collections into the current collection. more »
  • Workflow Features Panel

    This panel allows to enable the Workflow features (disabled by default). more »

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