• Comment viewing options

    In this section you may define who is able to view the comments and how they will be shown. Any user: Allow any user to view all comments on… more »
  • Feedback Options

    In this panel, you can select who can leave comments on your Items/Posts and what information they are allowed to post. more »
  • Voting options

    This section allows you to manage two specific features of the comments. 1) Let your users to rate the posts by adding stars, using a scale that goes from 1 to 5 when compose their comments. 2) Let the users to rate the published comments by defining th… more »
  • Comment moderation

    In this section, you can configure the status and moderation of comments, starting with choosing a value for the New feedback status option. This parameter let you to stablish the default value for comments made by non moderators, which means moderators… more »
  • RSS/Atom feeds

    Like your contents, you can also have RSS/Atom feeds for your posts’ comments. In this section, you can configure how much of the comments will be made available in comment feeds by tweaking the Comment feed contents option. You have three choices… more »
  • Comment Subscriptions

    In this section, you can allow users to subscribe and receive email notifications for comments on a specific post by checking the Email subscriptions option. This option is unchecked by default. more »
  • Registration of commenters

    You can detect email addresses in comments and highlight it accordingly if you check the Email addresses option. This is checked by default. You can also setup a registration to your blog after a reader submits a comment by checking the Register after… more »
  • Meta Comments Features Panel for Front-Office

    Check if you want Meta Comments to be displayed in the front-office (typically after the regular comments, on disp = single). If not checked, the meta comments will appear only in the back-office (e-g: on the Item Edit Screen). more »

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