• Search Results Panel

    This panel allows you to configure how results are displayed per page on disp = search. Number of results per search results page Search results sort order What types of contents to include in search results (Posts / Comments / Categories / Tags) more »
  • Latest Comments Panel

    This panel lets you determine how many comments are displayed on disp = comments. more »
  • Archives Panel

    You can configure how to browse through your post archives by deciding on an Archive grouping option. Your choices are monthly (default setting), weekly, daily, and post by post. You can configure how your archive is sorted by deciding on an Archive… more »
  • Download Pages Panel

    When a file is attached to a post and a user clicks to download it, he will be directed to a downloads page. This page will show a download template (disp = download) and the download will begin only a few seconds later. You can define how many seconds… more »
  • User Directory Panel

    Select the appropriate image size for your user directory. more »
  • Messaging Panel

    Select the appropriate image size for the messaging feature. more »

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