Downloading: 7.1.2-beta

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


All the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.

A few things you made need to change manually: Upgrading to b2evolution version 7.x


In addition to the features of 7.0.1-beta:

PRO features:

Back-ported features

Also includes features that were back-ported to 6.11.5-stable:

  • Improved Back-Office UI
  • Improved No longer affix the site header when using the Bootstrap Manual Skin. Leave that up to the site header to decide (more options in v7)
  • Improved Tag widget edit mode
  • Improved Custom Field format options
  • Improved [thumbnail:] Short Tag CSS
  • Fixed Messages overlapping Menus
  • Fixed Various bugs

Also includes features that were back-ported to 6.11.4-stable:

  • Added Quick tag editing (through AJAX) in the Item Tags Widget.
  • Added Email notification when a User is mentioned in a Meta Comment.
  • Added Item Workflow Properties Widget.
  • Improved Default config changed to prevent uploading sensitive files (like .php files) even for Administrators.
  • Improved Manual skin, added "Sidebar Single" container.
  • Improved Item Custom Fields Widget to allow correctly formatting them in a sidebar.
  • Improved Alignment thumbnails in posts containing several of them.
  • Improved DB backups now include DROP TABLE statements so you can quickly use them to replace a broken DB.
  • Improved Formatting in various notification emails.
  • Improved Numbered all replies in forum skins.
  • Fixed Display of Intro Tag posts in Manual skins.
  • Fixed No longer add Open Graph data to "Login Required" pages.
  • Fixed Allow to limit nesting level on the category list widget.
  • Fixed Attaching existing files in a Meta Comment.
  • Fixed Never show friendly names in username column of user list.
  • Fixed Fake comment form inviting to log in to comment.
  • Fixed Various bugs

Also includes features that were back-ported to 6.11.3-stable:

  • Install/Upgrade:
    • Fixed Upgrade from some older versions which did not upgrade well to 6.11.2.
    • Improved Installer: request more time for PHP execution during install process; stop if sample.htaccess cannot be read.
  • General UI/UX:
    • Improved Display update after upload in file manage (AJAX).
    • Improved Search can now find posts based on keywords? See Search Results Panel.
    • Improved UI improvements.
  • Content:
  • Workflow features:
    • Added New notification template when assigning post with meta comment.
    • Added Capability to assign post when posting a regular comment.
    • Improved Autocomplete of usernames
    • Improved Forum skin when used on a Tracker collection. Now shows tasks assigned to you on front page.
    • Improved Seen By Widget.
  • SEO:
  • Administration:
  • Various:
    • Fixed PHP 7.3 compatibility.
    • Fixed Autofix invalid filepaths in DB.
    • Fixed Various bugs


The following plugins are no longer bundled with the b2evolution v7 distribution: adsense, cookie_consent, flowplayer, google_maps, watermark, facebook, proof_of_work_captcha, smilies, twitter tweet renderer.
You can still obtain those plugins from the Plugin Repository.

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