• General Post Type Settings

    Post Type Usage In b2evolution version 6.7, this lets you specify the usage of the post type. There are basically 3 different kinds of usages: Posts that will appear in the flow of posts/news. Typically: posts, manual pages, forum topics, photo albums,… more »
  • Post type Features

    This is where you configure if this post type will require a Title, a content Text, if that text can be HTML, if there can be teaser and page breaks, if files can be attached and if the post can be featured (e-g: Featured/Intro Post Widget). more »
  • Use of Advanced Properties

  • Use of Location

  • Use of Comments

    When comments are closed for a post, comments previously entered on this post are still displayed. When comments are disabled for a post, comments previously entered on this post are NO longer displayed. more »
  • Use of Custom Fields

    Read the Custom Fields page for more information on creating custom fields. more »

Comments on this chapter

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It is possible to add select box or radio button in custom field . please explain

2018-08-06 @ 13:25

Comment from:

@kalavathi no it is not currently possible; We may add this but please describe a use case of why you need it.

2018-08-06 @ 15:44

Comment from:


In my requirement i need select box in the form , that i tried to achieve using custom fields but custom fields doesn’t have that option. To speak in general currently we can use use custom filed as text box,it will be more useful if we get other input methods like select box , radio button, checkbox etc.

2018-09-20 @ 11:39

Comment from:

@kalavathi I understand, but when I ask for a use case it does not mean “To speak in general". It means “To speak about a specific real life example".

Without that we cannot make an informed decision about how to implement this in order to solve a real problem with reasonable effort.

2018-09-20 @ 16:21

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