• Receiving emails Panel

    1 Email address: Your email address in the site. If the Reactivate after email change parameter is checked (see Account Activation Settings), any changed email address must be re-activated. In those cases, the site will send an activation link by email… more »
  • Receiving Messages Panel

    This section allows you to edit whether or not you want to receive private messages and emails from other users. more »
  • List Subscriptions Panel

    Newslettering is an option offered by b2evolution which users with the specific permissions are able to send massive messages to another users that they have previously selected (to read more about newsletters). In this section, you are able to control… more »
  • Collection Subscriptions Panel

    This panel allows you to manage your subscriptions to individual collections. [image:5792:Here the user is subscribed to All posts of Blog B and to All posts and comments of the Forums collection] The top part of the panel shows your current… more »
  • Individual post subscriptions Panel

    This panel lets you manage your (or someone else’s if your are a User Admin) subscriptions to individual Posts/Topics/Items. Note: if you wish to subscribe to all Posts and/or Comments instead, see: Subscribe to Updates Widget. Before you have any… more »
  • Receiving notifications Panel

    Under the Notifications tab, you can edit when/if you receive notifications as new posts and comments are published. more »

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