• User Permissions Panel

    This panel lets you assign a user to User Groups and assign them a user level. You can also change the user’s account status in this panel.More »
  • Email Panel

    This panel allows you to configure the user’s email address and shows the email addresses’ and the email domain’s status. It also displays information about the latest email reminders sent to the user.More »
  • Usage Info Panel

    This panel displays the user’s usage of the site in terms of the number of reports made, collections owned, posts created and edited, comments made, sessions created, private messages sent and received. This is also shows when the user was last…More »
  • Reputation Panel

    This panel displays how the user’s contribution to the site, i.e., posts created, comments made, photos uploaded, are received by the other users. This also shows the number of audio, video, and other files that the user has uploaded to the site…More »
  • Registration Info Panel

    This panel will show you information about how the user registered (and potentially also how the account was closed).More »

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