• Login & Registration Security Panel

    This panel allow to control the security settings for login and registration: Encryption Require SSL: Requires to use https: (NOT http:) for transmitting passwords. In order for this to work, your site must be properly set-up for SSL. Password hashing…More »
  • Standard Registration Panel

    This panel is where you define if users can register an account for themselves, display self-registration links to the public, and select the Quick Template to use for the registration form.More »
  • Quick Registration / Email Capture Panel

    This panel lets you select whether to allow quick registration for your site. This also lets you select whether the new user will be redirected to an additional registration screen to complete their profile or skip it and proceed to the next page after…More »
  • Other Registration Methods Panel

    This panel will contain other registration methods that may be provided by plugins. Not implemented yet.More »
  • Options for All Registration Methods Panel

    The panel contains options for all registration methods that include the selection of either using the first name only or both first name and last name when generating the username/login automatically in the case when no username or login is provided…More »
  • Account Activation Panel

    This panel controls the activation process for newly created user accounts.More »
  • Default Settings for New Accounts Panel

    When a new user account is created, it will be pre-configured with these settings. These include: the User Group that will be assigned to users who register without an invitation code (an invitation code may assign a different group). the User Level…More »

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