• Registration Permissions Panel

    This panel is where you define if users can register an account for themselves, and if so, what their default permissions will be – in other words: what User Group they will belong to.More »
  • Default User Settings Panel

    When a new user account is created, it will be pre-configured with these settings. These are just defaults settings for a newly created user account. The user can later change these settings in their profile’s Notifications Tab and Preferences Tab.More »
  • Other Options Panel

    The panel allows you to choose whether or not new users are required to provide their country, first name, last name, language, and gender when they register. In the case when no username or login is provided during registration, you are given the…More »
  • Account Activation Panel

    This panel controls the activation process for newly created user accounts.More »
  • Security Options Panel

    In this panel, you can modify the required password length, enable strict logins, and choose whether or not special characters are required for the user generated passwords.More »

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