Tag: "7.0.2"

  • Editing Organizations

    The "Organizations tab" is meant to be a another way to classify users inside the site, from this view could be created as many organization as wished, and the stored information for anyone of them is: the name of the organization and the URL… more »
  • Receiving Emails Panel

    In this panel you can set your basic email preferences. more »
  • Automations List

    Shows the list of all Automations. more »
  • Duplicating an Email Campaign

    In the Email Campaign List, under the Actions column, click on the Duplicate this email campaign… icon. This will lead to the campaign duplicate screen where you can change the campaign name and the email list where the campaign will be sent. more »
  • Receiving Private Messages Panel

    This panel allows you to edit whether or not you want to receive private messages and emails from other users. more »
  • Automation Settings

    This form lets you define the settings or properties of an automation. more »
  • Automation Steps

    This screen shows the steps of the automation. more »
  • Automation Diagram View

    This screen is equivalent to the regular Automation Steps view but it shows the steps as a visual diagram which makes it easier to follow the workflow in case of very complex automations. more »
  • API Hits Summary

    For each collection, you can get a graph of API hits broken down by refered searches (from search engines), other referers, direct accesses/bookmarks, self refered (site navigation), special referers, and referer spam. more »
  • Robot Hits Summary

    For each collection you can get a graph of robot hits per day (search engine crawlers coming to index your site/collection). more »
  • Collection Subscriptions Panel

    This panel allows you to manage your subscriptions to individual collections. more »
  • Automation Step Details

    This screen allows you to edit the details of each automation step. more »
  • RSS/Atom Hits Summary

    Sometimes, your content could be directly accesed from a special kind of applications known with different names (news agregators, feed readers, RSS readers, etc.), but with a common feature: aggregate feeds from different sources… more »
  • Individual Post Subscriptions Panel

    This panel lets you manage your (or someone else’s if you are a User Admin) subscriptions to individual Posts/Topics/Items. more »
  • Automation Queued Users

    This screen shows all users that are part of the automation. more »
  • Collection Description

    This panel allows you to set descriptive text about the current collection that can be displayed in various parts of the site. more »
  • General Settings Panel

    This panel allows you to set general settings for the User Group. more »
  • Hit & Session Logging Panel

    Auto pruning "With a scheduled job" is the best setting but you need to properly set up the Scheduler? for this to work. more »
  • Receiving Notifications Panel

    In the Notifications Tab tab, you can choose which automatic email notifications you want to receive. more »
  • User Permissions Panel

    This panel lets you assign a user to User Groups and assign them a user level. You can also change the user’s account status in this panel. more »
  • Menu Link or Button Widget

    Description: Display a configurable menu entry/linkParameter: Link Type - specify which section of your blog you want this widget to link to such as your blog home (default setting), archive directory, category directory and others.Parameter: Link text… more »
  • Registration Permissions Panel

    This panel is where you define if users can register an account for themselves, and if so, what their default permissions will be – in other words: what User Group they will belong to. more »
  • Profile Picture Settings

    This is where you define whether or not to use Gravatars throughout b2evolution. It will apply both to the front and back-office. more »
  • Local Blacklist

    This list is used by b2evolution to support the Antispam Blacklist feature. Basically, any URL containing one of the keywords on this list will be banned from posts, comments and logs. more »
  • Goal Settings

    In this view you may manage the goals defined for the entire site. more »
  • Conversations List

    This shows you a list of all your conversations with other users. The most recently active conversations appear on top. more »
  • General Settings Panel

    The setting in this panel allows the use of HTML in messages. more »
  • Campaign info: Info Panel

    This panel shows general info about the campaign. The campaign name is for internal use only. It serves to identify the campaign when looking at lists of campaigns in the back-office. It is *NOT* the title of the emails. more »
  • Organization: Adding Members

    An authorized user can add a User to an Organization, by clicking on the Add User button found in the Members of this organization list. more »
  • Send a chunk of emails for the campaign "email campaign name"

    This task will send a chunk of emails for a campaign each time it is executed. Chunk size: the number of emails that will be sent every time this task is executed. If the chunk size is less than the total number of emails to be sent, the task will… more »