Tag: "7.0.2"

  • SEO General Settings Panel

    This panel enables you to add social media meta tags and structured data to the contents of your collection. more »
  • SEO Special Front Page (disp=front) Panel

    This panel lets you configure SEO parameters for the special front page of your site. more »
  • Advanced User Permissions

    This screen allows you to set Membership and/or individual Advanced Permissions for each User on the current Collection. This is useful when you need to give one specific permission to one specific user. However, most of the time, the best practice… more »
  • Front & Back-Office Edit Screens

    A Post or an Item can be edited either in the back-office or front-office. more »
  • Collection Skin Settings

    This sub-tabs shows the skins that will be used by b2evolution to display your collection on a desktop browser / mobile phone / tablet device. These are the skins that b2evolution will use by default, that is: unless a different skin has been requested… more »
  • Manage Skins

    This screen lists and lets you manage all installed skins in your site. It can be accessed via the collection settings and also through the System menu. more »
  • Collection Type Panel

    This panel displays the type of the current collection. more »
  • Widget List

    Widgets are basically anything that allows you to perform a specific function or access a specific service. Widgets can be an application, a web component, a little block of text or anything that can be displayed in certain areas (containers) in your… more »
  • Slugs List

    This page displays and lets you manage a list of all the Item Slugs of the site. more »
  • Editing Organizations

    The "Organizations tab" is meant to be a another way to classify users inside the site, from this view could be created as many organization as wished, and the stored information for anyone of them is: the name of the organization and the URL… more »
  • Receiving Emails Panel

    In this panel you can set your basic email preferences. more »
  • SEO Browsing Posts Pages (disp=posts) Panel

    This panel lets you configure SEO parameters for the main page or post list of your site. more »
  • Tracking Panel

    This panel allows you to enable tracking of unread content. more »
  • Collection Base URL Panel

    The Collection base URL panel lets you configure what the root URL of your collection will look like. This requires Collection Admin permission. more »
  • Search Results Panel

    This panel allows you to configure how results are displayed per page on disp = search. more »
  • Automations List

    Shows the list of all Automations. more »
  • Changing the Collection Type

    This allows you to change the type of a collection. Do this for example if you started with a photo album but want to transform it into a blog. Or if you started with a blog and realize it would be better presented as a hierarchic manual. more »
  • Duplicating an Email Campaign

    In the Email Campaign List, under the Actions column, click on the Duplicate this email campaign… icon. This will lead to the campaign duplicate screen where you can change the campaign name and the email list where the campaign will be sent. more »
  • Cookie Settings Panel

    These settings let you control the cookie domain and cookie path of the cookies that b2evolution will set (especially the session cookie) when a user browses this collection. more »
  • Assets URLs / CDN Support Panel

    This allows you to use a Content Distribution Network (CDN). This is also useful in case you are using a Multi Domain Setup, so you can choose which domain to use for loading your /rsc/ assets, your /media/ files and additional assets used by /skins/. more »
  • Custom Fields

    Introduced in v5, you can define custom fields per Item Type. Custom fields can be of different types: numbers (floating-point numbers with double precision), text strings (varchars), URLs, text, etc. more »
  • Installing a New Skin

    This screen displays a gallery of skins that are available for installation. The gallery of skins can be filtered based on skin type and collection kind. more »
  • SEO Single Post Pages / "Permalink" Pages Panel

    These are the SEO settings that apply when a specific Item/Post is displayed (disp=single or disp=page). more »
  • Advanced Group Permissions

    This screen allows you to set Membership and/or individual Advanced Permissions for each User Group on the current Collection. more »
  • Receiving Private Messages Panel

    This panel allows you to edit whether or not you want to receive private messages and emails from other users. more »
  • Editing a Slug

    When editing a Slug you will be presented with this form. more »
  • After Each New Post Panel

    In this panel, you can set up your collection to notify various services when you publish a new post. See weblogs.com and blo.gs for information about such services. more »
  • Subscriptions Panel

    In this panel, you can allow users to subscribe to new content notifications. more »
  • Date Archive URLs Panel

    This panel allows you to choose between using a query param or extra path for date archive URLs. more »
  • Latest Comments Panel

    This panel lets you specify the number of latest comments shown in disp = comments. more »