• Spacer Widget

    Allows for inserting vertical and/or horizontal space between other widgets. Settings [image:8810] Width: the width of the spacer. You can use CSS size units such as px or em. Height: the height of the spacer. You can use CSS size units such as px or em. more »
  • Free Text Widget

    This widget allows to add a free text anywhere you can add a widget. The text can be rendered with different Renderer Plugins such as Markdown or Short Links. Settings [image:8808] Block Title: optional title to display. Block content: the text content… more »
  • IP Range Editing

    This screen allows you to edit the properties of an IP Range and see which users have registered though this IP range as well as which sessions have connected from this IP range. more »
  • Social Media Meta Tags

    b2evolution will automatically add social media meta tags to certain Disps. At this time the following tags can be inserted (example): This includes Opengraph tags for facebook and tags for Twitter Cards. Facebook Sharing debugger:… more »
  • User Profile URLs

    Available in an upcoming release Will be released in one of the 7.0.x versions. This allows to control the prefix that is used for clean user profile URLs of the form: http://domain.com/user:mary more »
  • Content Block

    A "Content Block" is a piece of content, similar to a post (with text, inline images, an owner, a revision history etc.) that can be included in other places of a site. A content block could be included in places like this: Included as a… more »
  • Workflow Panel

    This Panel can appear in the backoffice and in the front office when Workflow is enabled in Workflow Settings. Please see Item Workflow Properties Panel for more details. more »
  • Free Social Links Widget

    This widget allows to configure up to 7 social link widgets to display. The social networks are defined in the User Fields settings. Each of the networks/fields may have a specific icon and a specific color. Settings [image:8813] Block title: optional… more »
  • Default URL for New Collections

    This panel allows to set the URL scheme that will be used by default for new collections. This applies to manual as well as automatic collection creation. more »
  • [emailcapture:] Short Tag

    This will display an email capture form (through the Email capture / Quick registration widget) and automatically register users to a mailing list. more »
  • [subscribe:] Short Tag

    This short tag allows logged-in Users to subscribe to an email list. If they are already subscribed, the button toggles to allows to unsubscribe. more »
  • How to subscribe users to an email list

    There are basically 3 ways to subscribe users to an Email List in b2evolution: Widgets The following widgets can be used to subscribe new users to an email list: Email capture / Quick registration widget: if you want to register users that are not… more »
  • Database Model / EER Diagram

    Starting with b2evolution 6.10.5 a database model including an EER Diagram is included in the source tree under /_db/b2evo_schema.mwb. This file can be opened with MySQL Workbench (Free software). This is useful for developers who want to understand how… more »
  • User Tag

    User Tags are tags applies to a User (as opposed to regular Tags which are applies to Posts/Items). You can see all User Tags for a specific user in the Marketing tab of his User Profile. You can add/remove tags to/from Users through the back-office… more »
  • Step action "IF Condition"

    This step allows you to control the flow of the automation using multiple user-defined conditions. more »
  • Step action "Send Campaign"

    This step will attempt to send an Email Campaign to the queued users. more »
  • Step action "Notify owner"

    This step will send a notification email to the automation owner. more »
  • Step action "Add Usertag"

    This action step will add the specified User Tag to the queued user. more »
  • Step action "Remove Usertag"

    This step will remove the specified User Tag from the queued user. more »
  • Step action "Subscribe User to List"

    This step will subscribe the queued user to the specified Email List. more »
  • Step action "Unsubscribe User from List"

    This step will unsubscribe the queued user from the specified Email List. more »
  • Step action "Start new automation"

    This step will start the specified automation with the queued user. more »
  • Automation Step: Change User Account Status

    This automation step will change the queued user’s account status to the value specified in the Account status field. more »
  • Brute force password attacks

    b2evolution includes code to prevent brute force password attacks. By default, if an (existing) user account receives 10 wrong passwords within 10 minutes, that account will be locked for 10 minutes. When the account is locked, even a login with the… more »
  • Step 4 : File options panel

    If you are running on a CPanel webhost, the recommended File Permissions are: New folders: 755 New files: 644 If you are running on a self-managed Debian server for example, you may need to extend the permissions during upgrade, in order for… more »
  • How to Allow HTML Editing (TinyMCE)

    If you don't get WYSIWYG edit mode (TinyMCE) it means the Item Type of your post (e-g: Forum Post or Manual Page) is not allowing HTML content. You can change this option in the Item Type's Feature panel. more »
  • Flagged Item List Widget

    The Flagged Item List widget works similarly to the Universal Item List Widget except that this widget only lists flagged items. This widget is usually used to display a list of items that the current user is interested in. more »
  • Flagging Items

    Logged-in users can flag Items that they wish to "save" for later review. This is similar to putting a bookmark on that item. A flag is an individual user data so users can each have a different list of flagged items. To flag an item, simply… more »
  • Standalone Page

    A Standalone Page is an Item that will not appear in the standard flow of Items of a collection. Standalone pages will appear in the following situations: when explicitly linked to, through a menu/button widget when listed through a page list widget… more »
  • Category Edit Form

    This form is used to create a new or edit the properties of an existing category. more »