• Conversations List

    This shows you all your conversations with other users. The most recently active conversations appear on top. more »
  • Viewing a conversation

    This screen displays all messages in a conversation and lets you reply, unless the conversation has been closed, or if you left the conversation. more »
  • Miscellaneous

    Block spam referers If a referer URL matches a work in the blacklist, the request will be blocked. WARNING: it’s easy to have false positives with this. We don’t recommend using this unless you know exactly what you are doing. Report to… more »
  • Set Up A Windows Scheduled Task

    Warning: The following assumes you have administrative access to the Windows server where b2Evolution is served from and that the Task Scheduler service is enabled. These instructions are valid for Windows Server 2000 and 2003. They will probably work… more »
  • Set Up A Cpanel Cron Job

    This solution isn’t as good as setting up a Linux cron job by far, but we mention it since cPanel is very widespread and somewhat easier to set up… So if your host uses cPanel as a web configuration interface, you can go to the "cron j… more »
  • Set Up A Linux Cron Job

    Warning: The following assumes you have your own Linux server with root access. Blindly following this procedure may lead to breaking your Linux setup. DO NOT do this if you don’t understand it. Use this page only as a guideline. You want to… more »
  • Scheduler

    The Scheduler is a b2evolution feature that allows to execute Scheduled Jobs without requesting an action from a user to trigger the execution. In other words, Scheduled Jobs are executed asynchronously, at predefined times and/or intervals. See also:… more »
  • Multiple instances

    b2evolution can handle multiple blogs, multiple site sections, multiple domains and multiple sites by default on a single installation. Thus it is generally unnecessary to install it multiple times on a single site/web hosting account or even a single… more »
  • Scheduled Job

    A ScheduledTask that is planned to be executed or which has been executed by the Scheduler. See: Scheduled Task Reference more »
  • Scheduled Task

    A task (See: Scheduled Task Reference) that can be planned to execute by the scheduler. A planned task is called a Scheduled Job. more »
  • Scheduler Job Form

    The ‘'’Editing Scheduler”’ form lets you schedule a new job. First you have to choose a job type. b2evolution comes with several embedded jobs you can schedule. It is planned to have plugins provide some additional jobs. Once… more »
  • Scheduled Job Info

    "Job details" displays the information about the scheduled job as it is recorded in the queue. more »
  • Scheduled Job Execution Details

    ‘'’Scheduled tasks”’ are queued in order to be executed asynchronously. This has two advantages: # It prevents you from waiting for longer operations to finish while you use the application (e-g: pinging remote sites after posti… more »
  • Version

    Stable release The most stable release can always be downloaded from the Downloads section. This is the version recommended for most users. Old releases A history of all previous releases is available here. We do not recommended that you use an… more »
  • sample.htaccess

    /conf/sample.htaccess should be renamed to /conf/.htaccess to protect the contents of the /conf folder from prying eyes. This files is NOT to be confused with the Main .htaccess file which has a much more important role. more »
  • _upgrade.php

    /conf/_upgrade.php is used by the upgrade script only. more »
  • _locales.php

    /conf/_locales.php sets the default configuration for locales. more »
  • How to install a language pack

    Download the language pack(s) you need from http://locales.b2evolution.net . Unzip the downloaded language pack(s) it into the /locales folder that you will find in your b2evolution file structure. If possible unzip your language-packs into the right… more »
  • _icons.php

    This file defines the generic icons that are made available to the whole application (including all skins and plugins). By default icons appear on a sprite image. So each icon is defined by it’s xycoordinates on the sprite and its size in pixels.… more »
  • _formatting.php

    /conf/_formatting.php sets how b2evolution will parse and format texts (posts, comments, etc.) You typically won’t need to edit this file and you should replace it with each upgrade. more »
  • _application.php

    /conf/_application.php configure the b2evolution application. You typically shouldn’t edit this file and replace it with the new version at each upgrade. This file especially contains the version number and date used to compare versions during… more »
  • _config.php

    /conf/_config.php is the "main" configuration file which is called by b2evolution to, in turn, include all the other config files it needs. It also includes some high level initializations. You typically should never edit this file and replace… more »
  • _stats.php

    /conf/_stats.php sets how b2evolution will log hits and stats. more »
  • _admin.php

    /conf/_admin.php sets how the Back Office works. more »
  • Categories Tab

    The Categories tab is where you assign categories (and sub-categories) to each specific blog on your site. You must create at least one category for each blog you wish to post to. more »
  • Recycling Comments

    When a comment is recycled, it is not deleted immediately. more »
  • Editing Comments

    Similar to posts, comments can also be edited. more »
  • Elevating a Comment into a Post

    Comments can be elevated into a full blog post. more »
  • Mass deletion

    This feature lets to automatically delete a lot of comments in a single action. more »
  • Online Help

    When the online help feature is enabled, help icons ([[Image:Icon_help.gif]]) are displayed next to certain features within b2evolution. Clicking on these links will open the relevant help topic from manual.b2evolution.net in a new browser window. more »