Tag: "6.10.7"

  • Organization: Edit user membership

    To edit a User’s membership in an Organization, click on the corresponding Edit membership… icon under the Actions column of the Members of this organization list. [image:8714:Edit membership dialog box:.border.rounded] You can change the… more »
  • Single Item View Panel

    This panel lets you select how the default behavior of the post by post navigation. This setting may be overridden by skin of the collection. more »
  • Clean up email logs older than a threshold

    This task will delete all email logs that are older than the set time interval. more »
  • Categories Tab

    The Categories tab is where you manage categories (and sub-categories) to each specific collection in your site. You must create at least one category for each collection you wish to post to. more »
  • Profile Picture widget

    This widget will display the profile picture of the owner of the collection. It can be placed anywhere as each collection will have an owner. Note: This widget will be context-sensitive in the future. Settings [image:8889] The Image size setting… more »
  • Long Description of Collection widget

    This widget will display the long description entered in the General Settings of a Collection. Settings [image:8880] more »
  • "My Profile" Menu Link widget

    This widget displays a configurable menu entry for "My profile". This differs from normal menu links because it can have a mini profile picture in front of it. It is typically reserved for use in a Menu like the "Menu" container. If… more »
  • Poll Answers List

    This panel lists all the possible answers for the poll and the number of times that they were selected by users. Clicking on an option’s Answers column will show a filtered Poll Detailed Answers panel. more »
  • Item Types allowed for this Item Status

    This Panel lets you enable which Item Types can accept the current Item Statuses. This is useful to narrow down the list of possible Statuses that can be used in the Workflow Panel. more »
  • List action: Change groups

    This Users List feature lets you change the primary group of all accounts in the current selection. This feature can also add/remove the selected users to/from secondary groups. [image:8709:Change groups dialog box:.border.rounded] more »
  • Item Additional Actions Panel

    This panel allows you to send Trackbacks to the desired URLs. This panel will only be displayed if you enable Trackbacks in the Comment Feedback Options panel. more »
  • Category List Widget

    This widget displays a (hierarchic) list of all the categories of the current collection. Clicking a category filters the posts on the selected category. Settings [image:8826] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your… more »
  • Poll Detailed Answers

    This panel displays the users that answered the poll and their respective selected options. more »
  • Organization Members Widget

    This widget will display the users of an organization in a responsive grid (designed for Bootstrap). [image:4895:Example of members of an organization] Settings [image:8888] Block title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your… more »
  • Free HTML Widget

    This widget will display any HTML code you want. You can basically use it anywhere. Settings [image:8809] Block title: optional title to display. Block content: HTML content that will be displayed by the widget. more »
  • Content Hierarchy Widget

    This widget displays the content hierarchy of the current collection. This should be what you see in the left column of this manual page. The content hierarchy is a mix of the Categories, sub-categories and the Posts they contain. The depth of the tree… more »
  • Tag Cloud Widget

    This widget displays a tag cloud for the current collection (or for one/multiple other "source collections" if specified). Clicking on a tag goes to the post list (in the "destination collection" if specified), filtered on the… more »
  • Subscribe to Collection Updates Widget

    This widget displays checkboxes or links that allow the user to subscribe/unsubscribe to email notifications on the current collection. [image:5789:Widget with display mode set to show options using text] The widget has some display settings (see below)… more »
  • Item Statuses allowed for this Item Type

    This list will let you manage which Item Statuses will be assignable to the current Item Type when using the Workflow View for example. more »
  • Meta Comments Features Panel for Front-Office

    Check if you want Meta Comments to be displayed in the front-office (typically after the regular comments, on disp = single). If not checked, the meta comments will appear only in the back-office (e-g: on the Item Edit Screen). more »
  • Invitation Codes List

    Copy the link from the "Link" column and send it to your users in order to invite them through a link. more »
  • Site Template List

    This panel allows you to quickly create new collections by using existing collections as templates or models. Adding an existing collection as a Model To allow users to use an existing collection as a model or template, go to the Advanced Collection… more »
  • Visit Tracking Panel

    Check if you want to enable the display of user profile visits. This will enable a "Visits" tab (disp = visits) where Users can see who visited their profile. more »
  • Archives Widget

    This widget displays a list of links to the archives. It links to monthly archives by default, but this is configurable. more »
  • User Links Widget

    This is typically used for "Social Link Icons". It can displays logos linking to twitter, facebook, Google+, etc. This widget displays icons that link to the URLs defined on a user profile. Each URL that is defined in a user profile field and… more »
  • Calendar Widget

    This widget displays a calendar where each day that has posts is a link. Clicking on a day displays the post list (post "archives") for that day. The current day is also highlighted. Settings [image:8837] Block title: specify the title that… more »
  • Current Filters Widget

    This widget will display a list of currently applied filters on the current view of the collection. It will also have "remove" buttons to remove the filters we don’t want to apply. [image:8759:Current filters widget on the top of the… more »
  • XML Feeds (RSS / Atom) Widget

    This widget displays links to the RSS and/or Atom feeds for Post and/or Comments of the current collection. Settings [image:8881] Title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection. Help link: check this to display… more »
  • Common Navigation Links Widget

    This widget displays common navigation links such as "Home", "Recently", "Archives", "Categories", "Latest Comments"… This widget is not very useful any more since we have a "Menu"… more »
  • Recent Hits Panel

    This displays the recent hits on your b2evolution installation and you can filter or search them in multiple ways. more »