Important Concepts

  • Digital Building Blocks, like Lego┬« Bricks

    You can think of building a website with b2evolution CMS as opening a big box of Lego┬« bricks. There are many types of bricks included in the box. You are free to assemble them however you like to build the website that fits your needs…More »
  • evoBar

    After logging in as admin, you’ll notice a subtle change at the top of your browser as a new toolbar appears: the evoBar: Note: This is what you see as admin. Other users may see fewer options or no evoBar at all. See User Group permissions.. In…More »
  • Terms Used in this Manual

    Collections vs Blogs, Items vs Posts, etc.More »
  • Collection

    A Collection is the generic term used in b2evolution to define a collection of Posts/Items/Articles/Topics/Manual Pages/etc. that are bound together to form a Blog, Forum, Online Manual, etc.More »
  • Item Types

    Item Types (previously called Post Types ) allow you to define the characteristics of a set of Items/Posts by specifying its usage and enabling certain features for each type.More »
  • Item Usage

    The Item Usage defines the internal function of an Item Type. For example: "Blog Post", "Post with custom fields" and "Manual Page" may be 3 Item-Types that all have the usage of "In content flow Post".…More »
  • Bubble Tips

    Bubble tips are help bubbles that display when you hover over a username. They show the profile picture and a few details about the User.More »
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Front-Office All front-office screen F4: same as clicking on the "Customize" evobar menu entry disp=front F2: same as clicking on "Edit ‘Intro-*’ in Front-Office…" evobar menu entry or same as Ctrl+F2 if…More »