Important Concepts

  • evoBar

    After logging in, you’ll notice a subtle change at the top of your browser as a new toolbar appears: the evoBar: [image:4178] Available features / menus The functions available through the evoBar depend on the permissions of the current user. Some… more »
  • Collection

    Collection is the generic term in b2evolution to define a collection of Posts/Items?/Articles?/Topics?//(ManualPages))/etc. that are bound together to form a Blog, Forum, Online Manual, etc. A Blog, Forum or Online Manual all use the same data structur… more »
  • Item Types

    Item Types (previously called Post Types ) allow you to define the characteristics of an Item/Post. It allows, for example, to have forum topics behave a little differently from blog posts or form category intros. For example, forum topics may not… more »