• About Blogs

    You type something in a form and hit "blog this"; in the next second it’s on your website page(s). Pages are generated dynamically. Your posts are automatically arranged by date into a template/skin you have chosen and that you can cus…More »
  • Server Side Analytics

    b2evolution will start recording hits on your blogs out of the box, without the need for any additional stats or analytics package. You can see stats for all your blogs under the tab? in the back office. In addition to that, b2evolution 3.x also intro…More »
  • Item Categories Panel

    The Categories Panel allows you to set where an Item/Post appears in your Content Hierarchy (Categories and Sub-Categories).More »
  • Multiple Blogs

    One of the strengths of b2evolution is that it is able to handle multiple blogs out of the box. As a matter of fact, on most installations it will come with multiple blogs pre-installed. Multiblog Scenarios Multiple blogs can be used in several diff…More »
  • About Online Manuals

    b2evolution can manage interactive online manuals just like the one you are looking at right now. Main features: Similar to a Wiki but with added hierarchical structure Unlimited nesting of Chapters & Sub-chapters Easy linking between pag…More »
  • About different Collection types

    There are four types of blogs that you can use on a domain that has b2evolution installed on it.More »
  • About Plugins

    One of b2evolution’s design goals was to not require plugins for most common situations, in order to avoid PluginHell?. For example, advanced features such as SEO options and Website Analytics are already integrated into the back office. This is…More »
  • About Customization

    You can control every aspect of your blog’s functionality and appearance through several levels on customization: Backoffice settings Widgets Skins / Themes Skin parameters Plugins Customizing or Developing your own skins We…More »