• How much does it cost?

    Four letter word – FREE. The reason b2evolution is free of cost for users is because it is an open source software released under the GNU General Public License. Numerous volunteers came up with this useful idea and decided to share this idea to the…More »
  • Do I need to provide my own website design?

    Yes and no, it all depends on your preferences. Yes, if you want to put your own design on your website and no if you?re fine with free and pre-installed evoskins and if you want to download additional skins from the b2evolution Skin Directory. Even…More »
  • Does b2evolution support my own language?

    Depending on what version you're looking at, b2evolution supports multiple languages - from German to Spanish, to Russian to Chinese, and more! You can navigate through the list of available language packs for download here. These language packs are a…More »
  • Content & Privacy Issues

    If you are reading this, you have likely stumbled upon an issue with content published on a website powered by b2evolution. Please understand that b2evolution is free software that anyone can [http://b2evolution.net/downloads/index.html download] and t…More »
  • Where do I sign up to get my Blog?

    You typically do not need to signup for anything to use b2evolution. b2evolution is software you can download for free and install on your own web server. See System requirements for more information about web server requirements. If you don’t…More »
  • Run b2evolution on my home computer

    Running b2evolution on a local server (your own computer) is often desirable for testing, editing skins, running the CVS (latest development) version, or for a variety of other reasons. ‘’This is ‘'’not”’ a way to upd…More »

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