FAQ (Using b2evolution)

  • I need further assistance...

    There are several FAQs in this manual: FAQ on b2evolution in general FAQ on Installation / Upgrade FAQ on Using b2evolution If you can’t find an answer in any of these, please ask your question in the forums.More »
  • Logging In

    The Login Page You have to log in in order to edit or manage your site. There should be a "Login" link on the main page of your blog. Clicking that will take you to the login page where you can enter your username and password. Your username…More »
  • Lost Password

    Forgot your password? Don’t panic, as long as you provided a valid email address upon the creation of your user during installation, you can provide your username on this page and a password reset link will be sent to your email. How to recover a…More »
  • Sample / Example Blogs

    Why are there already posts on my new blog? When you first install b2evolution your database is populated with several collections, each containing sample posts. If your first thought is to delete everything you see, don’t do it! Hold on a minute.…More »
  • My blog is slow because it's hammered with comment SPAM! How do I recover?

    If your blog is being hammered with comment spam, it will get slower and slower as your database gets bloated with hundreds of thousands of spammy comments. At some point your site will get so slow and will consume so many resources that your web hosti…More »
  • How to authorize new users to post

    [NL] This man page refers to b2evo 0.9.0 Create users from backoffice or let them register Optional: move them to the Bloggers group. Go to the settings for the blog you want them to edit Select Permissions tab Choose the right…More »
  • Move a Category

    You can move an entire category (including all of it’s posts and subcategories) from one blog to another. This can be useful if you decide to break a category out into its own blog, or if you’ve been posting to All and now you want to move…More »
  • Setup a New Blog

    Here are some simple steps to add a new blog to your site: #In backoffice? under the tab? click the link at the bottom to create a ‘'’New blog”’. #Fill out the tab#General_tab | form? for creating a new blog. #Click ‘'&…More »
  • I made a change but my blog is not updated

    By default, b2evolution saves a cached version of all your public blog pages and only refreshed that cache every 10 minutes. This is very handy in case one of your blog posts gets very popular, as it allows you web server to serve the page really quick…More »
  • Troubleshooting Cookie Issues

    Short answer: your $baseurl is not configured properly. (Or you are not using the same URL to connect.)More »
  • I get file permission errors. How do I fix them?

    Please see the following pages: Directory And File Permissions Media File Permission Errors ((security/))More »
  • When I do X I get a blank page or only a half page

    Short answer: your PHP is either out of memory or out of allowed execution time!More »
  • How do I locate the ID of any collection?

    Sometimes you will need to know the ID of a particular collection in order to perform a variety of actions. This ID is an unique integer number that identifies your collection under the b2evolution instance. To locate this number please follow this ste…More »
  • How do I know the ID of a post

    The ID of a post is a sequential and unique number which is automatically generated by b2evolution when you create a new post, and lets the system identify that post in all the action to come. In general, it wouldn’t be necesary to know that…More »
  • How do I find the URL of an image hosted in my site?

    If you need to find out the URL of any image hosted in your b2evolution site, all you need to do is follow these steps: Go to the File manager and find the image. Click on the thumbnail of the image to open it in a modal window. Ckick the link…More »