• Collection Type Panel

    This is the type of your collection. Types can be: Standard blog: A standard blog with the most common features. Photoblog: A blog optimized to publishing photos. Group blog: A blog optimized for team/collaborative editing. Posts can be… more »
  • Changing the collection type

    This allows you to change the type of a collection. Do this for example if you started with a photo album but want to transform it into a blog. Or if you started with a blog and realize it would be better presented ad a hierarchic manual. It is… more »
  • Collection Demo Contents

    This panel lets you create some demo content to try out when creating a new collection. more »
  • Collection General Parameters

    Title: Will be displayed on top of the blog. Short name: Will be used in selection menus and throughout the admin interface. URL "filename": "slug" used to uniquely identify this blog in URLs. Also used as default media folder.… more »
  • Language / Locale

    Collection Locale This is the main/default language of your collection. In case you’ll be using multiple languages, think of it as the default value for any new post, or the default language if we cannot detect the User’s language (e-g:… more »
  • Collection Duplicate Options

    When duplicating a collection, this panel gives you the option to duplicate the original collection’s contents and/or comments. Note: This panel is only available when duplicating collections. more »
  • Collection permissions

    This panel lets you select high-level Permission settings for the current Collection. By default, for most collections (except Forums), this panel looks like this: Owner: The owner defined here will have almost all permissions on the current collection.… more »
  • List of collections

  • Description

    Tagline: This is typically displayed by a Widget under the collection name in the skin header. Long Description: This is typically displayed by a Widget in the Sidebar. more »
  • Blog Meta Data

    ‘’b2evolution 2.4.1′’ This fieldset is part of the Blog Properties? Short Description This is is used in meta tag description and RSS feeds. NO HTML! Keywords This is is used in meta tag keywords. NO HTML! Blog footer… more »

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