• This panel displays the type of the current collection. more »
  • This allows you to change the type of a collection. Do this for example if you started with a photo album but want to transform it into a blog. Or if you started with a blog and realize it would be better presented as a hierarchic manual. more »
  • This panel lets you create some demo content to try out when creating a new collection. more »
  • Main configuration parameters for the current collection. Settings that can be configured in this panel includes: collection logo/image, title, short name, URL "filename", favicon, and collection section. more »
  • The Main locale for your collection will be the default language/locale for new posts and also the default language/locale for the navigation links, comment forms, etc. more »
  • When duplicating a collection, this panel gives you the option to duplicate the original collection's contents and/or comments. more »
  • This panel lets you select high-level Permission settings for the current Collection. more »
  • This panel allows you to select when you want the current collection to appear and also set the order it will appear in the list of collections. more »
  • This panel allows you to set descriptive text about the current collection that can be displayed in various parts of the site. more »
  • This tab allows you to set the meta data for your collection. more »

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