• After Each New Post Panel

    In this panel, you can set up your collection to notify various services when you publish a new post. See weblogs.com and blo.gs for information about such services.More »
  • External Feeds Panel

    The External Feeds panel is useful when you use an external service such as Feedburner to manage your RSS feeds.More »
  • Template Panel

    This panel contains the option to allow users, even if they do not have permission for the collection, to use it as a model or template for their new collection. If enabled, the collection will appear in the Site Template List.More »
  • Collection Caching Panel

    This panel include settings that control Caching and Cache Levels (see section High level caches) for the current Collection, including AJAX Forms to avoid caching of security crumbs.More »
  • In-skin Actions Panel

    This panel has settings that manage and allow some actions normally done in the Back Office to be performed in-skin or in the Front Office.More »
  • Media Directory Location Panel

    This panel lets the administrators decide where to place the media directory for each collection.More »
  • Software Credits Panel

    In this panel, you can toggle the display of the "Powered by b2evolution" logo and specify how many credits links you are willing to show in the footer of your website.More »
  • Skin and Style Panel

    This panel lets you control some code-level features such as adding custom CSS and/or custom JavaScript to your skins without needing to touch/modify any core b2evolution files. This should keep upgrades easy for you down the line.More »

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