• Email campaign list

    This screen shows the list of all Email Campaigns and lets you create new ones. [image:4820] Each campaign is shown with open & click stats. Each campaign is tied to a specific List. However it is possible to change the the list of a campaign after… more »
  • Campaign Compose Panel

    This is where you compose the email to be sent out. Email title This is what users will see in their inbox Default destination This destination URL can be used by various buttons that you can place into your email message. See below. HTML Message Body… more »
  • Campaign info: Info Panel

    This panel shows general info about the campaign. The campaign name is for internal use. It allows to identify the campaign when looking at lists of campaigns in the backoffice. It is *not* the title of the emails. more »
  • Campaign info: recipients panel

    Send to subscribers of: : each campaign must be sent to the subscribers of a specific newsletter Currently selected recipients: : this is the number of people who are currently subscribed to the selected newsletter After additional filter: : here you… more »
  • Campaign Info: Click Tagging Panel

    This Panel allows to add User Tags to users who click on different buttons within an email campaign. more »
  • Campaign Info: Automations Panel

    This panel allows to take additional actions when a User clicks a Cta Button. For any CTA button, the user can be added to a specific automation, which can in turn do things such as Send an additional email, Subscribe to an additional list, Notify the… more »
  • Creating an email campaign

    Email campaigns lets you to configure and send bulk email messages to the users in your site. You could create and send as many campaigns as you wish, but remember that users have the option to set per-day limits on the number of campaign emails that they want to receive. more »