• Email Envelope Settings

    These settings are use when b2evolution sends out notification emails to users of the site. Sender email address This is the address that will appear in the ‘From:’ field of notification emails sent by b2evolution. Sender name This i… more »
  • Email Service Settings

    This section is only available after enabling the SMTP Gateway feature. Decide which email service would you like to use as default. The available options are: Regular PHP "mail" function and SMTP gateway. There is also a parameter to force a… more »
  • Return-Path Configuration

    Settings to decode the returned emails Enabled: Note: This feature needs the php_imap extension (currently loaded). Retrieval method: Choose a method to retrieve the emails. Mail Server: Hostname or IP address of your incoming mail server. P… more »
  • SMTP Gateway

    This feature is available since version 6.0.0; Settings have been extended in b2evolution 6.7.5 This screen allows you to configure which SMTP gateway to use to send out emails. By default b2evolution will use the built in mail() function of PHP but you… more »
  • PHP mail() function settings

    On some web hosts, the defaults params that b2evolution passes to the mail() function will not be accepted. On this screen you can choose between the 2 most commonly required parameters: -r $return-address$ and -f $return-address$. When you change this… more »
  • Other Email Settings

    This allows to throttle the sending of emails in a newsletter. more »