• [compare:] short tag

    This displays a table to compare Items. [compare:1,2,4,5] will compare the Items with the IDs 1, 2, 4 and5. There are also special values to designate the current Item ($this$) as well as the parent Item ($parent$). To compare the current Item with its… more »
  • [fields:] Short Tag

    This tag can be used in several different ways, detailed below. Note: if you have installed the demo contents of b2evolution you can quickly see this in action in the post title "Custom Field Example". Display a table of all fields [fields]… more »
  • [item:] Short Tag

    It is possible to display fields from any other Item/Post like this: [item:another-custom-fields-example:field:first_string_field] or like this: [item:26:field:first_string_field]. In the first case we reference the other item by Slug. In the second… more »
  • [link:] short tag

    Using an URL field to create a button [link:url_field:.btn.btn-info]Click me![/link] url_field is the code of the URL-type Custom Field you want to use as destination URL Optional: .btn.btn-info are standard Bootstrap CSS styles to style the link as a… more »
  • [parent:] Short Tag

    The [parent:] short tag is used to reference the parent of an Item. Note: An Item can be linked to a parent Item in the Item Properties Panel. Linking to the parent [parent:titlelink] [parent:url] Displaying all fields of the parent [parent:fields]… more »

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