• The File Manager

    b2evolution’s integrated file manager lets you upload images, sounds, videos and any kind of media or documents that you can then attach to your collection posts. Admins can also use the file manager to edit skin templates online.More »
  • Accessing the File Manager

    There are several ways to access the file manager.More »
  • File properties

    This panel displays the properties and metadata of the file. Properties File name: Changing this value, the file will be renamed. Don't worry, this is a safe way to do it, so, in general, you will not break anything in your site. Type: This information…More »
  • Display Settings

    This section is where you can configure the settings on what the File Browser will display: displaying thumbnails instead of icons for image files; showing or hiding file attribute columns; and other options that controls the display of the file browser.More »
  • Creating Posts from Files

    From the File Manager, you can quickly create a post that contains multiple files as attachments or several individual posts for each file.More »
  • Access the File Root of another User

    If you have edit permissions over ALL files, then you can use the File Manager to access any User’s File Root. In the File Manager, open the File Roots dropdown and select User Roots > Other… then type in the username you want to access:More »

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