• The File Manager

    The file manager provides a way to upload files and keep them organized. How to access the File Manager There are two ways to access the file manager. * Click on the Files tab, or * In the Write tab, click the Files button to the left of the Sa… more »
  • Accessing the File Manager

    There are several ways to access the file manager. [image:1542:] Through the top most header menu, find the "More" menu and hover your cursor on it. A dropdown menu will appear, find and click on the "Files" sub-menu. This will… more »
  • File properties

    Properties File name: Changing this value, the file will be renamed. Don't worry, this is a safe way to do it, so, in general, you will not break anything in your site. Type: This information is taken from the File types according the type that matches… more »
  • Display Settings

    This section is where you can manage and configure the settings of how and what the File Browser will display. more »
  • Creating Posts From Files

    In the file manager you can select multiple files and then select "Make multiple posts (1 per image)" and click "Go!". more »
  • How to access the File Root of another User

    If you have edit permissions over ALL files, then you can type in the login of any user’s FileRoot you may want to access through the following menu: more »

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