• My users do not have access to the files section / upload

    There are several permissions involved: The user needs to be in a User Group that has at least View permissions for "Files" (to browse files) or Add/Upload permissions for uploading (see the User Groups: File Permissions) The user needs to…More »
  • Media File & evocache Permission Errors

    If you are reading this, you probably encountered a file permission error within your /media directory. The /media directory is the directory on your server where b2evolution will store all the files/images you upload to your blog. Apparently, b2evolu…More »
  • Invalid filename

    b2evolution restricts and validates the name of the files and directories that you can use. You can change this restriction in the Advanced options panel under the Files Settings tab. The default settings are set for maximum security and compatibility.…More »
  • Media directory "xyz" could not be created

    b2evolution (actually PHP) has no permission to create the directory needed for storing the media files belonging to a certain collection or user. Make sure all sub-directories of the `/media` folder are writable by PHP.More »
  • Black thumbnails with red error message

    Black thumbnails saying "Ewr-access" or ".evocache folder read/write error! Check filesystem permissions." [image:526:] [image:528:] That message means b2evolution cannot create or access the thumbnail image file or a directory to…More »
  • Uploading large files

    I can’t upload big size pictures and graphics even though my web server has unlimited upload For upload size issues, go to Global Settings > Files > File creation options > Maximum upload filesize and setup your upload limit size.More »