• File Settings

    The default settings may work fine for you, but if you want more control or if you have any problems, you can configure it through the Settings tab. [image:1563:] On the Settings tab there are four sections: Accessible file roots - this section is wh… more »
  • Accessible file roots

    This section is where you can configure what directories will be accessible to the users. [image:1561:] Options: Enable blog directories - check to enable root directories for blogs.Enable user directories - check to enable root directories for users… more »
  • File creation options

    This section is where you can set the privilege of users to be able to create folders, files and upload files. Options: Enable creation of folders - check this option to enable users to create directories.Enable creation of files - check this option t… more »
  • Advanced options

    This section provides extended configuration such as setting of folder and file permission. Default folder permissions: Default CHMOD (UNIX permissions) for new directories created by the file manager. Default file permissions: Default CHMOD (UNIX p… more »
  • Image Options

    Resize large images after upload It is recommended to enable this feature in order to save images in smaller size. The following PHP ini settings may cause issues when large file uploads are enabled: upload_max_filesize: The maximum size of a fil… more »
  • File types

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