• Collection Type Panel

    This is the type of your collection. Types can be: Standard blog: A standard blog with the most common features. Photoblog: A blog optimized to publishing photos. Group blog: A blog optimized for team/collaborative editing. Posts can be… more »
  • Collection General Parameters

    Title: Will be displayed on top of the blog. Short name: Will be used in selection menus and throughout the admin interface. URL "filename": "slug" used to uniquely identify this blog in URLs. Also used as default media folder.… more »
  • Language / Locale

    Details Collection Locale This is the main/default language of your collection. Navigation/Widget Display By default, when a user visits your collection, b2evolution will show navigation links (such as "Next post", "Previous post",… more »
  • Collection permissions

    This panel lets you select high-level Permission settings for the current Collection. By default, for most collections (except Forums), this panel looks like this: Owner: The owner defined here will have almost all permissions on the current collection.… more »
  • List of collections

  • Description

    Tagline: This is typically displayed by a Widget under the collection name in the skin header. Long Description: This is typically displayed by a Widget in the Sidebar. more »
  • Changing the collection type

    This allows you to change the type of a collection. Do this for example if you started with a photo album but want to transform it into a blog. Or if you started with a blog and realize it would be better presented ad a hierarchic manual. It is… more »

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