• Image Widget

    This widget is designed to display any image ( based on the filename you provide ), anywhere, with no specific role. If you are trying to display a logo instead of a collection title, we recommend you use the Logo Title Widget instead. more »
  • Profile Picture widget

    This widget will display the profile picture of the owner of the collection. It can be placed anywhere as each collection will have an owner. Note: This widget will be context-sensitive in the future. Params: Parameter: Image size - specify the image… more »
  • Free HTML Widget

    This widget will display any HTML code you want. You can basically use it anywhere. more »
  • Spacer Widget

    Allow to insert vertical and/or horizontal space between other widgets. more »
  • Free Text Widget

    This widget allows to add a free text anywhere you can add a widget. The text can be rendered by different Renderer Plugins such as Markdown or Short Links. more »
  • Free Social Links Widget

    This widget allows to freely configure up to 7 social link widgets. For each link, select the Social Network and enter the matching profile URL. The social networks are defined in the User Fields settings. Each of the networks/fields may have a specific… more »