• [thumbnail:] Short Tag

    The inline [thumbnail:] tag is a placeholder inserted in the content to be replaced by a thumbnail image when the post is displayed. more »
  • Item Votes Widget

    This widget allows users to vote on a post (if Item Voting Options are enabled). This widget can also show how a summary of votes for the item. This widget should be placed in the "Item Single" Container. more »
  • Item Attachments Widget

    This widget displays the list of attachments of an Item. It is typically placed into the "Item Single" Container Settings [image:8868] Title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection. Display download icon:… more »
  • Access the File Root of another User

    If you have edit permissions over ALL files, then you can use the File Manager to access any User’s File Root. In the File Manager, open the File Roots dropdown and select User Roots > Other… then type in the username you want to access: more »
  • Moving to Another Folder

    Moving b2evolution to a different folder on you server is extremely easy. Suppose you were on http://mydomain.com/b2evolution/ and you now want to be on http://mydomain.com/blog/ or even http://mydomain.com/. All you need to do is move your files on the… more »
  • API

    API means Application Programming Interface. It describes a set of rules that allows 2 pieces of software to work together. In b2evolution, there are several types of APIs: The External APIs / Web Services that allows external and/or remote applications… more »
  • Email Campaign

    An Email Campaign is one individual email message that is sent to a set of Recipients. This is almost like sending "bulk emails". However, with the "Campaigns" feature, each recipient may (and probably will) receive the email with… more »
  • Newsletter

    A Newsletter is a series of Issues to which individual Subscribers can subscribe to. When a User/Subscriber is subscribed to a Newsletter, he will automatically receive all new Issues of that Newsletter. Each Issue is an email Campaign that is… more »
  • SMTP

    SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used to communicate between mail servers on the internet. When b2evolution or PHP wants to send an email to a Recipient, it needs to contact a mail server (preferably directly the destination… more »
  • Recipient

    An email Recipient is an individual User who will receive an email: as part of an Email Campaign as part of an Email Sequence or because they are subscribed to updates on a Collection or a Post or who will receive any other type of email Notification… more »
  • Newsletter Issue

    When a User/Subscriber is subscribed to a Newsletter, he will receive all future Issues of this Newsletter. more »
  • Subscriber

    A Subscriber is a User who has subscribed to any of the following: Update Notifications on a specific Collection Update Notifications on a specific Post a Newsletter an Email Sequence more »
  • Update Notification

    An Update Notification is a type of Notification that will be sent whenever there is a new Post or a new Comment and a User/Subscriber has subscribed to these notifications. Users/Subscribers can manage their subscriptions through their User Profile. more »
  • Notification

    An email Notification will be sent out when a specific event occurs and a User has subscribed to these particular type of Notification. Notifications can be of different kinds, see: disp = subs. For example notifications are sent out when a User… more »
  • Subscription

    A Subscription exists when a Subscriber has subscribed to any of the following: Updates on a Collection Updates on a Post A Newsletter more »
  • Update Subscription

    An Update Subscription is a particular kind of Subscription that happens when a User has subscribed to updates on a Post or a whole Collection. more »
  • Newsletter Subscription

    A Newsletter Subscription is a particular kind of Subscription that happens when a User has subscribed to a Newsletter. more »
  • Email Sequence

    An email sequence is a series of email templates that will be sent out in sequence to a Subscriber of the sequence. The delay between consecutive emails (Steps) in the Sequence can vary (typically a few days). Each Subscriber will receive the emails in… more »
  • Mailing List

    A Mailing List would be a list to which many Users are subscribed and whenever an authorized User posts to the Mailing List, all subscribers would receive the message. b2evolution allows something similar, but doesn’t call it a "Mailing… more »
  • How to add a Google Font (WebFont) ?

    Google offers many webfonts that your are free to use. You can pick and choose here: https://fonts.google.com Once you have selected the fonts you are interested in, here’s how you can quickly add them to b2evolution without editing any file. (If… more »
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)

    Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a set of techniques that make your web pages adapt to the screen size on which they are viewed. b2evolution v6+ uses the Bootstrap framework as the core layer for achieving RWD. b2evolution also takes care of resizing… more »
  • Widget Plugins

    Widget Plugins are just regular Plugins like all the others. When we call one a "Widget Plugin" though, it means that it provides an additional Widget for b2evolution to use in the Collection Widgets List?. A Plugin can provide Widget… more »
  • List of Plugin Hooks

    Below is the list of all plugin Hooks as of b2evolution 6.7.8. For more information about each method, look at the source code: in the "test plugin" class (greatly enhanced in v6.7.8) in the Plugin class itself. Plugin information (settings,… more »
  • Poll Widget

    This widget displays a Poll and it can be placed virtually anywhere. You can create polls in the Site’s Polls Tab. Alternative Placement This widget can also be called within any Post/Article/Page content by using the Poll Short Tag. Settings… more »
  • Unable to download automatic updates

    If your b2evolution installation cannot reach b2evolution.net to download updates, check any firewalls that may block the download. For example, on RedHat servers you may need to disable or change the configuration rules of SELinux. more »
  • .htaccess and sample.htaccess Files

    In addition to the main .htaccess File, b2evolution comes with several sample.htaccess files which you can (and actually should) rename to .htaccess in their respective folders. WARNING: Each sample.htaccess file is different. Do not copy one from… more »
  • Home Page

    Your Home Page is the top level page of your website, or in this case, the top level page that b2evolution displays when you access its Base URL. Your Home Page is the Front Page of your Main Collection. more »
  • Front Page

    A Front Page is the top level page of a Collection. If your website or b2evolution installation consists of only one Collection, then the Front Page of that Collection is also the Home Page of your site. However, if you have multiple Collections (for… more »
  • Bootstrap Framework

    Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework for creating Responsive (RWD?) web sites. b2evolution uses Bootstrap extensively for it’s default Skins as well as for its Back Office. more »
  • Item Link Widget

    This widget displays the Link to url of a post (see Item Advanced Properties Panel) in any desired position and with any desired CSS class applied. Settings [image:8869] Title: specify the title that you want this widget to display in your collection.… more »