Something to consider before you begin: have you checked if your webhost is offering 1-click/automatic installation of b2evolution? Many users find this more convenient than a manual installation. However, manual installation is easy too, it just requires a couple more clicks. Follow on…

3 steps to get you started quickly

  1. Download the software package
  2. Unzip the package on your computer; this will create a folder called b2evolution and several subfolders with files.
  3. Open the index.html file in the b2evolution folder and follow the instructions. This file provides quick-start instructions that will allow you to install b2evolution in a matter of minutes.

Installation overview

The index.html file mentioned above will guide you depending on your specific situation. If you are a bit lost, you can also review the installation tutorials you will find in this manual. But for now, if you just want a global picture of the installation procedure, here’s an overview of how it continues:

  1. Create a new empty MySQL database for b2evolution on your web server.
  2. Upload the b2evolution files to your website.
  3. Run the included installation script. (This will basically create tables in the database and create some demo contents if you wish.)
  4. You can start playing around.

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Comment from: Yanger

Q: does b2e install well on a ftp-only php/mysql system?

A: Yes. This is what b2evo is designed for.

07/12/04 @ 15:15
Craig Sharrow

Q: How & where do I create the mysql database (I assume it's an empty file and/or directory)?

A: There are multiple ways to create a MySQL database. Depending on your web host, the available options will vary. For example, there might be a special icon in your web hosting CPanel. Or you may have access to a web application called PhpMyAdmin which also lets you create a MySQL database. If in doubt, chech with your web hosting provider.

12/30/04 @ 00:32