• Manual / Standard Upgrade Procedure

    The latest documentation for upgrading to a higher version is included in your blog bundle, specifically in the doc directory. For example: doc/upgradefrom_b2evo.en-UK.html. The following instructions refer to the upgrade documentation included with ver…More »
  • Auto-Upgrade Procedure

    It is generally a good idea to try this before using a more complex form of upgrading. However, it is always advised that you make a backup of your site beforehand.More »
  • After Installation / Upgrade

    Completing installation Once your installation is done and basically working, there are still a few tricky things you should definitely take care of: * When you edit any of the config files, be careful ‘'’not to add any extra blank lines&…More »
  • Automated Install / Upgrade

    This page is intended for integrators / developers, not for regular users. b2evolution supports fully automated installation and fully automated upgrade by calling the regular /install/index.php script with special parameters, either via CURL or via PHP…More »
  • Upgrading Evoskins

    Note: Since version 2.0 and above, there is barely any need to worry about upgrading your skins any more from one version of b2evo to the next. This page is mostly for users who have a legacy skin to upgrade. Introduction You put a lot of time and ef…More »
  • Unexpected SQL Error during upgrade

    This is a very annoying error kind of error! First let us be extremely clear about 2 things: 1) you should always backup your site, and especially your database before attempting an upgrade. 2) this kind of error does NOT happen randomly. It happens…More »
  • Upgrading your database to UTF-8

    Nowdays using UTF-8 as character encondig is almost a must. If you want to know what we are talking about please read this: UTF-8 Encoding and is you need to go a little deeper, please try with this: Unicode. No that we are in context then is good to l…More »
  • Instructions for specific versions

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