• Migrating from WordPress is easy. First you need to export the contents from your WordPress blog. You will obtain an XML file. Then all you need to do is import the XML file into B2evolution using the XML Importer. more »
  • b2evolution v5 features a phpBB import tool. We used this tool to migrate our own forums from pbpBB (v2) to b2evolution (v5). Here are the steps you should follow: Set up a new b2evolution installation on your final domain or on a test domain… more »
  • There’s an import script, available through the Tools Tab in the BackOffice? that lets you import your MovableType blog into b2evolution. [[Category:Upgrade]] [[Category:Migration]] [[Category:Importing]] more »
  • personman modified the built-in importer to work with LiveJournal blogs. Get all that you need from his site? more »
  • See this forum thread for instructions on how to migrate from Blogger. more »
  • This man page refers to b2evolution version: 0.8.9 Main upgrade Follow instructions provided with your distribution. As always, it is very wise to do a backup of your current website / blog / database (depending on what you already have) before start… more »
  • Importing Posts and Comments b2evolution has some built in importing features which you can use or modify to help import your blog from another blogging system. Importing from Movable Type # Use MT’s export functionality to create a .TXT file co… more »

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